You can recycle responsibly this bank holiday as tips are open

Wednesday, 26th April 2017

STAFFORDSHIRE County Council’s household waste recycling centres are open for longer for residents tackling jobs around the house.

All 14 of the county’s sites have moved on to their summer timetable and will be open on May’s bank holidays, as well as their usual opening hours for all kinds of garden and household bits and pieces.

Clive Thomson, Staffordshire County Council’s Commissioner responsible, said:

“The household waste recycling centres take a wide range of things to dispose of legally and safely.

“Many things such as ornaments, plant pots, compost and play pits from the garden, or furniture, mirrors and cooking utensils are all free of charge – as are things like insulation material, roof felt and carpets.

“Other items arising from renovation or construction work, such as baths, shower trays and gutters, or rubble, plasterboard and tiles are all charged for at £3 or £4 a time, or per 20kg bag of rubble, as are items like car tyres, toilets and paving slabs.”

A full list specifying which items are free of charge and which are classed as non-household waste to be charged for is available on site and can also be found below.

Staffordshire County Council recycling charges

All 14 household waste recycling centres open at least five days a week, many seven, and are open from 9am to 5pm at weekends and 9am to 6pm on weekdays. More information can be found at the council’s website, and click on the ‘tips/recycling’ icon near the top of the homepage.

Lichfield Recycling Centre information

Commercial or hired vehicles

Anyone bringing household waste to one of the centres in a commercial type vehicle, including hired vehicles, should be prepared to have the load inspected to make sure that it is permitted household waste and not commercial/industrial waste.

Van use is permitted at the centre but a size limit of 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight is in place due to the safety of other site users. Small trailers are also permitted but should be single axle and approximately 6 foot x 4 foot in size.

Entrance barrier restrictions

The entrance barriers are 6 foot 6 inches (2 metres) high.

Vehicles may be stopped to check that household waste is being carried. If you have a specially adapted vehicle and are displaying a disabled badge, the site attendants will lift the barrier.