World champion BMX rider gives coaching session at local club

Friday, 23rd October 2015

TAMWORTH BMX club welcomed Shanaze Reade to their track, based on Deltic, Glascote, early on Saturday morning for a 2 hour coaching session.

The 27 year old world champion put the riders through their paces in a gruelling warm up session that tested their fitness levels. BMX riders aged between 6 and 30 listened closely to every teaching point and looked as though they were thoroughly enjoying themselves as they sped and jumped their way round the track.

Three times Elite world champion, Shanaze, had this to say about her visit to Tamworth BMX Club: “Coming to Tamworth today has been amazing for me. The talent here at the club is phenomenal. To be riding only a four man track and be at the level they are at now is amazing

“what the riders really need now is an eight man track. These riders are already riding at national level and a bigger track would help push them harder and achieve even better results. Seeing the level of commitment from the manager, coaches and parents is amazing.

“I’ve raced at Olympic level but I never forget my roots and it’s been an honour to be asked to coach Tamworth riders.”

Shanaze stayed behind after the coaching session to happily sign race tops and have photos taken with club members.

The BMX club are currently looking for land to build an eight man track in order to be able to hold more successful training sessions and to also invite riders from all over to attend regional and national races. Having the support of a world champion means a lot to them.

If any businesses are interested in sponsoring the club then contact can be made by emailing