Work set to begin on the inclusion of Decathlon in Asda

Friday, 25th March 2016

WORK is due to begin on a Tamworth supermarket as part of the companies rebranding and remodelling to allow a french sports giant to set up shop inside its current location.

The work is set to begin in the Tamworth ASDA store to create room for the new standalone Decathlon store within its current footprint after the bank holiday and is due to be completed by May.

It is understood that whilst the works are being completed the store will not be open 24 hours; instead opening from 7am – 10pm daily.

It is believed that the plans are for the Decatlon store to be place at the top of the travelators on the mezzanine floor.  Other movements include the tobacco kiosk and Bureau de Change moving within the entrance hall.

Tamworth Informed first learned of the plans to swap from its current ‘Walmart Supercentre‘ format to an ASDA format, incorporating the sports Giant ‘Decathlon‘ within its store at the end of February.

As part of the new signage the main store is also set to lose the ’24 hour’ branding, although it is not known at this time if there are any plans to reduce the opening hours.

The inclusion of Decathlon is part of an expansion to the pilot scheme which saw the first re-branded store to incorporate the sports company open in Watford last year.

Tamworth will be one of four of the new ‘shop-in-shops’; the other three will be in Eastlands in Manchester, Huyton in Liverpool and Stevenage in Hertfordshire. The first s planned to open in June.

The four new concessions are expected to be larger and stock a broader range of products than the trial in Watford, which operates mainly as a click-and-collect shop.

An Asda spokesman said: “Customers see Decathlon as a destination and they do their shopping at Asda afterwards or vice versa. This is a real opportunity to drive footfall to these large stores.”

The news comes as sales at the retail giant ASDA continue to fall at a rate of around 4.5%.