‘White Dee’ to stand as MP.

Wednesday, 12th February 2014

Benefits Street star ‘White Dee’ has said she is going to stand as an MP in Ladywood, Birmingham.

James Turner Street resident Deirdre Kelly plans to stand as an Independent MP for the Ladywood seat in Birmingham, protesting against too many benefits for unemployed.  Indeed she has recently slated the Government for giving too many benefits to the unemployed.

It is believed that she has come to this decision after being ‘put down’ by a current MP.

Kwasi Kwarteng MP told a newspaper:

“She’s not a particularly good role model.  She should give it a go if she thinks she has the qualities, but I’m not sure she’ll get very far”.

White Dee, Benefits St

‘White Dee’ and her Daughter. Credit; Channel 4

In response to this Deirdre Kelly, also known as ‘White Dee’ responded:
“What a cheek! The fuss about Benefits Street means Ladbrokes has made me 50-1 to be the next MP for Birmingham Ladywood, and until I read that patronising nonsense I wasn’t going to stand. Now, I think I will. As an independent, mind. How far will I get? Let’s just see.”

“‘From Benefits Street to Downing Street’ — now, that would be a headline.”

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Writing for this weeks edition of political magazine The Spectator, which is out Thursday, she said:
“More should be done for people who work. I’m not working at the moment, so I don’t have to pay rent or council tax. I’d say my income averages about £200 a week.

“Now I know quite a few working people that haven’t got £200 a week — and they’re working hard all day. That’s not right.

“I’ve read about teachers who have to use food banks. That’s not right.

“But I’m not the one who set up the system. I can see why some people are angry.

“But I didn’t ask for those people who keep coming to my door, offering loft insulation or a boiler for free because I’m on benefits. Why can’t people who are working, and struggling be entitled to free loft insulation as well?

“It’s not as if people go to the government and say: ‘I don’t want to look for a job, but I want to receive this amount of money.’ It’s the system.

“The benefits system does make people comfortable, and certainly makes some people not want to go and look for a job. But that is an issue for the government to tackle.”

Meet ‘White Dee’

Image Courtesy of Channel 4