What a summer to remember for Tamworth BMX club

September 1, 2015

WHAT a summer to remember for Tamworth BMX club! On Sunday August 2nd, the club raced an exciting end of season regional finale in Derby.

All the riders put in a tremendous performance on the track with many riders placing top 4 in their races making the last race event of the regional season one to remember for the Tamworth club.

The Derby regional was the 9th and final round of the season. Points were totalled up and the riders were give their final positions and plate numbers to race at the British Championships in Manchester.

Youngest Tamworth rider, Hiro Cheriton (male 6), finished 10th overall in his category of 31 riders putting him in a great position to race at the BRITS with a 10:1 plate.

Henry Clarke, Ringo Cheriton and Teddy-Lee Kennedy (male 8), all fought hard on the track at Derby. Overall out of 32 riders Henry placed 10th, Ringo placed 11th and Teddy-Lee placed 15th.

Male 9 rider, Ashdan Byrd had a great season racing and placed 21st out of 52 riders in his category.

Ashley Simkim (male 10) stepped up his game on the track and placed 13th out of 39 riders.

Male 11 rider, Spike Mackay-Jones placed an overall 14th out of 38 riders with team mate Owen Matthews taking 16th position. Both riders had an impressive season and qualified for the Brits.

Tyler Wheatcroft (male 12), faced tough opponents in his category, but as always, raced fantastically and finished this season in 18th place overall out of 37 riders.

Male 13 rider, Josh Shutt had a great days racing at Derby. Putting in lots of effort he finished 13th out of 38riders.

The male 14 category saw 4 of Tamworths riders battle it out on the track against each other. With 20 riders in this category the Tamworth team ended the season with brilliant results. Harrison Sparrow placed 5th, Jacob Wilson placed 7th, Sam Shutt 9th and Blue Murphy 10th. All 3 riders  qualified for the Brits.

Male 16 riders Ronan Pryke and Reis King-Harris really impressed crowds with their racing skill on the Derby track. Ronan just missed out on 1st position coming 2nd and taking a 2:1 plate to the Brits. Reis also did well placing 3rd and taking a 3:1 plate to the Brits.

Guy Jones (masters) finished his season in 6th position out of 24 riders.

In the female 11-12 category two Tamworth girls faced tough competition with Chloe Simkin placing 15th and Izzie Byrd taking 18th place. Both girls have had an enjoyable seasons racing.

In the cruiser 17-29 category, Tamworth rider Sam Pryke (17), stormed round the track into 5th position taking a 5:1 plate to the championships. Sam along with his brother Ronan also raced in the National bmx series held at Birmingham on August 9th.

After qualifying and racing at this years World Championships, Mat Cheriton (cruiser 30-39), raced on top form placing 3rd overall in his category.

The highlight of the day was certainly the female cruiser category. Tamworth rider Joanna Roberts (BMX ONE), fought to the very end placing first and second in her motos at Derby. Jo finished the season on a high and only narrowly missing out on first position. Pleased with her results the Tamworth rider proudly took a 2:1 plate to the British championships.

New to the race track, female cruiser rider Masayo Cheriton enjoyed her first major race and finished the season in 12th position out of 16 riders.

Other Tamworth riders topping the leader board in the novice categories were 8 year old Tyler Watson-Challis and 10year old Archie Constable. Both will race in expert level next season and gain points to job team mates at the Brits next year.

Novice 8-10 rider Tyler took home a 1st place trophy at Derby after impressively placing 1,1,1 in his motos and winning his A final.

Novice 11-13 rider Archie has shown great potential all season and finished  2nd in his final at Derby.

Team coach Michael O’brien was overjoyed with the results: “Tamworth have had a brilliant season” said Michael. “We are growing as a club, not just in size but also in talent. Well done to the team. I’m proud of them all”

Last weekend Tamworth BMX club entered the British Championships racing for the Midlands team. The Brits are held each year and attended by thousands. Over 1,000 riders entered the event. This was the first time at Brits for many Tamworth riders and also the first time they had raced anyone outside of their region. Races were spread out over two days showcasing talent from children as young as 5 years old.

Al riders from Tamworth put in great performances and challenged other riders on the track proving they can hold their own against some of the best BMX riders in the world.

With the Brits now over and a new season ahead of them, Tamworth riders are now preparing themselves for their next race, The Midlands 2015 BMX Championships held in Leicester on Sunday September 20th.

You can find out more information about the bmx club by visiting their Facebook page, Tamworth BMX racing club.