Warning to residents over a bogus energy saving company

Tuesday, 17th March 2015

RESIDENTS in Tamworth are being warned to be on their guard against a company which is claiming to work for Tamworth Borough Council.

The company concerned is offering to coat the outside of properties with thermal coating paint, which they say will reduce energy bills.

The company has claimed to some potential customers that it is working with or on behalf of Tamworth Borough Council, or that special age-based discounts or Government grants are available for the work. None of these claims are true.

Cllr Stephen Doyle, Cabinet member for Communities & Public Health, said: “This company is not in any way associated with or working for Tamworth Borough Council and I would urge residents of Tamworth to steer clear of them.

“Our advice is simple – if you didn’t arrange for a visit, politely decline any offers of work and close your door. Be firm, as they are in the habit of turning up more than once to try to put pressure on people.

“Anyone thinking of installing energy efficiency measures or who would like energy saving advice should contact our free HEAT number on 0800 043 2815 or text 07922 651982 for a call back.”

Anyone who is contacted by a trader they believe is not legitimate is asked to report it to the police on 101.