Warning as distraction burglaries predicted to rise

May 18, 2015

STAFFORDSHIRE police are warning residents to be on guard as it is believed Distraction and Bogus Official Burglaries are set to rise across the Town.

Through intelligence it is predicted that in June 2015 there will be an increase in Distraction and Bogus Official Burglaries across Tamworth.

Offenders will pose as Water or Gas Board Officials, and gain entry into the homes of our elderly  residents with the ruse of taking meter
readings or checking taps and pipe work. Offenders will also pose as council officials looking to improve security of homes, or they will simply pressurise occupants regarding tree surgery or other such jobs around the house or in the grounds.

Offenders typically target the elderly usually in their 80`s or 90`s, lone males and females, as well as elderly couples. They will live in Warden Serviced Accommodation, Private or Council owned bungalows and houses with gardens.

Sgt Rich Gorman of Tamworth LPT stated “Tamworth Police will do everything we can to try and prevent anyone in our community from becoming a victim of these callous crimes, but I ask that our Communities come together and support the elderly whether they be family or friends.

“Please offer them advice and support and watch over them, If anyone identifies elderly or vulnerable residents in their area please contact your local policing team to enable them to make visits to provide suitable Crime Prevention advice”.

An advice leaflet can be downloaded from here.

Please warn any family member or friends who you feel may be more vulnerable.