Vote today until 10pm – Why? Read this…

Thursday, 22nd May 2014

This years Tamworth Borough Council elections take place today, Thursday 22 May and you have until 10pm. Why should you vote?  What are you voting for? Read on…

This year, ten out of a total of thirty ‘seats’ are up for taking, one in each of the ten council ‘wards’.  Each ward area has three Councillors, each voted in by you, the electorate.

The political party with the majority number of ‘seats’ on the council then form the ‘controlling group’ with the rest then forming the ‘opposition’.  If no party (or independent) have a majority number of ‘seats’ then they can join together to form a controlling group or ‘coalition’.

Tamworth Borough Council is currently made up of 17 Conservative councillors, 12 Labour and one independent, this means that the Conservative form the controlling group.

If you have not voted by post already, you have until 10pm tonight to vote at your local polling station.

If you have a postal vote and have not posted it yet then remember, you can take your postal vote to any polling station in the area for your vote to be included.

It is important to use your vote to retain your democratic right, across the world, people have died to have a right to vote.  if you usually go by the mantra that they are ‘all the same’, look in to them, they are really not.

You also have the option of course to ‘spoil’ your ballot paper, the best way to do this is just to not mark your ballot paper IN ANY WAY.  Your vote will then be counted and show two things, that you care enough about local issues to attend the polling station but that you feel that none of the options available represent your views.   This will send a message to the candidates that they need to do more to capture your vote.

If you don’t vote then you give the candidates no reason to change, you are not going to vote anyway so why should they try to encourage you to vote for them?  Think about it, your vote is POWER!  

Your vote REALLY can, and will make a difference.

 To see who you can vote for in your area, click here.