Volunteers urgently required for local Macmillian fundraisers

Saturday, 17th June 2017

THE local fundraising arm of the charity Macmillan are in urgent need of volunteers to help assist with future fundraising events and planning.

Currently a small team, new members will play a role in helping raise money and awareness for a charity close to many people’s hearts.

With volunteers currently at a minimum, the small but active group see having new members as being the difference between being able to attend and raise money at a fundraising opportunity, or be forced to turn it down. Simply seeking like-minded volunteers to give up even just a few hours a month, being a part of the group provides the chance to make a vital difference.

Claire Morden, Treasurer of the group said:

“Our current volunteers all have different reasons to be a part of the group, but come with the same aim. To raise money for the charity that deals with an illness that affects so many lives.

The work of the Macmillan nurses and therapists doesn’t receive enough credit, and Macmillan in Staffordshire need all the funds they can get, to continue doing what they do so well.

“So sparing a few hours or days a month, meeting new people, raising money and having fun while we’re at it is the perfect way to support the charity in the local area. We just hope there’s some more willing volunteers in Tamworth that can help to keep this fundraising moving forward”.

If you feel can help and would like to volunteer, please contact: Claire Morden. Tel: 07511 010101 or e-mail: claire@mordenhouse.co.uk

All funds raised are used exclusively for cancer support in the local Staffordshire area.