View from the House – 9th March 2018

March 9, 2018

HELLO and welcome to my weekly View from the House for Tamworth Informed.

I appreciate that most the country is probably bored of hearing about Brexit, but if there is just one thing that should be (perhaps reluctantly) understood, it is the Prime Minister’s speech that she gave on Friday last week and reiterated in the Commons on Monday.

By around this time next year we will have left the European Union. As we move closer to the departure date it is becoming clear that is in the interests of both sides of the English Channel that the negotiations provide a fruitful outcome.

In her speech the Prime Minister sought to strike a more conciliatory tone towards the EU and also outline some hard truths for those on either side of the referendum campaign. We are leaving the EU and there is nothing that will prevent that. However for those that voted Leave, in some instances we have to accept that we may find we have limited access to some areas of the EU that we have with our current arrangement.

That being said, the Prime Minister stated that she wants the deal with the EU to be the ‘biggest and most ambitious trade deal ever struck’.

She outlined five key test for the success of the future deal with the EU – implementing the referendum, creating an enduring deal, protecting security, a deal that is consistent with the kind of country Britain wants to be and strengthening the United Kingdom.

We have outlined our position aiming to achieve the best possible deal that is in the interest of both sides. We are under no doubt that a good deal will be secured and that now is the time for a little flexibility and imagination from on both sides.

I would very much welcome your thoughts on what was said, or what we should be doing in the negotiations at this stage. Please do not hesitate to get in touch on or via Facebook.

Have a great weekend.

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