Urban Bedroom – Where do you sleep at night?

December 9, 2015

THREE women from Tamworth are hoping to enlist help from across the Borough to support people who are homeless and sleeping on the streets this winter.

They are aiming to do this by asking the question; “where do you sleep at night?”

Most of us go to a warm bed, many with partners and have that feeling of security without even thinking about it. But many don’t, when the daylight passes all that is left are emptying streets while they look for a doorway, bus shelter or bench to make their beds.

But imagine if you could do something to help them?

Urban bedroom was founded on 2nd December 2015 with this very idea. Siedah Thompson, Laura Barnes and Aleesha Thompson are working to together to raise donations to help the homeless in Staffordshire and Birmingham.

It all started after Siedah and Laura met a young homeless man in Birmingham, a 24 year old who had been on the streets for 2 years. His biggest problem was not knowing his National Insurance number which could help open doors for him. As he does not have a ‘care of’ address, getting his NI number is near impossible and so he relies on the kindness of strangers and the many charities for help in just surviving.

His name is Antony, and all he needs is someone to invest a little time. With this, Urban Bedroom was born. Not a charity but an organisation built up in literally a week.

Laura from Urban Bedroom told Tamworth Informed: “Our aim is to collect donations in the form of clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, unperishable foods and shoes.  In addition to this, female hygiene products and toiletries to take directly to the streets where they are received with more gratitude than you can imagine.

“The organisation also has a gofundme.com page and has already beaten the original target. All money donations are spent on items to take straight out in the form of care packages. Our aim also is to use money spent to buy items from charity shops where possible to keep this money in a constant state of helping someone.

“We currently have a drop off point at St. Edith’s Church in the Town Centre for donations aswell as backing from a couple of local businesses. The more support we can get the more people we can help!

“We have Antonys full support and he will be helping us identify those in genuine need aswell as making videos with us to document our progress, show where your money and items are going and talk about what life is really like when your bed is concrete provided by the council.”

Anthony who is homeless in Birmingham and fully supports 'Urban Bedroom'.

Antony who is homeless in Birmingham and fully supports ‘Urban Bedroom’.

The group will be organising a sponsored ‘sleep out’ which will be taking place on Tuesday 5th January 2016 and anyone is welcome to join them.

Laura added: “Thank you to everyone who has so far supported and helped us, we had no idea this would grow so quickly! It is outstanding that so many are willing to help.”

More information about Urban Bedroom, as well as details of their sleep out event can be found at https://m.facebook.com/urbanbedroom/