Upper Gungate Corridor, Roadworks until mid December

Tuesday, 29th July 2014

Earlier this year, Staffordshire County Council announced a string of improvement works for what is describes as ‘The Upper Gungate Corridor’.  The works, costing an estimated £1.8 million are due to be completed by mid December.

Works that have already started, or due to begin later in the year are expected by locals to cause major traffic complications through the Town, due to the heavy use of the roads.

What the County Council calls ‘The Upper Gungate Corridor’ runs roughly north-south through Tamworth, around the edge of the Town Centre.  It carries traffic from the A513 and B5493.

The corridor runs from Fountains junction, where Comberford Rd and Ashby Rd meet, along Upper Gungate and Aldergate to Lichfield Street at the western side of the town centre.

The purpose of the scheme is to implement a package of improvements to reduce congestion and provide better highway capacity along this Corridor.

Works to the Upper Gungate / Croft St junction were completed earlier in the year and the following works remain:

Fountain Junction

The aim of these alterations is to reduce congestion and delays whilst improving road safety. Presently, delays for traffic heading towards Tamworth are caused by vehicles’ exits being blocked. We propose to improve this by widening the Ashby Road approach to accommodate a dedicated right turn lane and by installing a signalised pedestrian crossing. This crossing will be linked to the junction signals, so that pedestrian crossing movements will tie-in with the phasing of the junction traffic lights, to ensure that movements of vehicles and pedestrians are more controlled and efficient.

The puffin crossing will provide safe crossing facilities where they are most needed throughout the day for pedestrians.

Works have recently begun here and are due to last 6-8 weeks.

To see the plans on the County Council website for this section of the works, click here: Fountain Junction Proposals

Aldergate/Lichfield St Junction

At the junction of Aldergate, Church Street, Silver Street and Lichfield Street, the main traffic flow is between Aldergate and Lichfield Street. As a result of the present layout, there is insufficient width at the pinchpoint by the White Lion public house to allow all vehicles to pass in both directions simultaneously. Consequently, there are currently four different traffic-light phases at this junction.

Here, the carriageway will be widened and re-aligned to allow the Aldergate and Lichfield Street traffic to flow at the same time. This will significantly reduce delays at this junction. As at present, the phases to allow traffic to join from Church Street and Silver Street will only come into operation when there are vehicles waiting.

Construction work is expected to take place towards the end of 2014.

To see the plans on the County Council website for this section of the works, click here: Aldergate/Lichfield Street Plan

Aldergate/Hospital Street Junction

Some minor changes are proposed to kerbing and signal settings to reduce congestion.

Upper Gungate/Salters Lane/Offadrive Junction.

Some minor changes are proposed to kerbing and signal settings to reduce congestion.

If you have any questions about the work or, concerns about how the work is being carried out, please contact the County Council Contact Centre on 0300 111 8000, calls charged at local rate or email highways@staffordshire.gov.uk