Update on local A5 Infrastructure Improvements

Thursday, 22nd January 2015

The work will include junction improvements plus a length of dual carriageway and a roundabout at the MIRA site frontage, which will help to improve traffic flow at this location; the Government has funded this work to help stimulate economic growth.

Works started on site in February 2014 and are due for completion in early 2015.

Below is a list of the works we have undertaken to date and details of what you may expect to see in the coming weeks.

Completed works to date:

  • Vegetation Clearance completed
  • Site fencing completed
  • Set up main site compound
  • Established 40mph speed restriction between Redgate Junction and Higham Roundabout
  • Statutory Undertakers diversions completed throughout the site.
  • Initial phases of widening works completed to MIRA Frontage. New dual carriageway section completed to extend existing dual section eastwards towards the old railway bridge.
  • New MIRA sub-station completed in December. Old sub-station has now been demolished.
  • Wood Lane junction improvement works have been largely completed.
  • Higham Roundabout improvement works have been largely completed.
  • Initial phases of works at Redgate Junction have been completed and the junction is now operating in an arrangement that is close to the permanent layout.
  • The new MIRA left-in, left-out bellmouth has been largely constructed and just requires final surfacing works.

Jan/Feb – Planned works

  • Continue with the next phase of road widening works along the MIRA Frontage and around the MIRA Drive. This includes full depth carriageway reconstruction works in the MIRA Drive and in the vicinity of the proposed roundabout outside of MIRA. The new roundabout will be constructed during February.
  • Fully complete all works between Wood Lane and Higham. This includes completion of road markings, complete the erection of new road signs, complete works to streetlights, and undertake landscaping works.
  • Complete the improvement works at Redgate Junction. The new junction layout has been largely constructed now and all that remains is the final surfacing to the junction, road markings and high friction surfacing, completing signage, barriers and streetlights.

Key Traffic Management Restrictions During Jan/Feb

Redgate Junction

In order to complete the surfacing and lining works at Redgate Junction it will be necessary to control traffic flows with traffic lights and establish short term closures of the A444 (both north and south of the A5). The surfacing and initial lining works are planned for w/c 19th January and the current proposals are as follows (all dates refer to overnight shifts):-

  • Monday 19th January traffic through the junction will be controlled with 4-way traffic lights.
  • Tuesday & Wednesday 20th & 21st January. The A444 Atherstone Road will be fully closed. Traffic using the A5 and Weddington Lane will be controlled with 3-way traffic lights.
  • Thursday & Friday 22nd & 23rd January. The A444 Weddington Lane will be fully closed. Traffic using the A5 and Atherstone Road will be controlled with 3-way traffic lights.
  • Saturday 24thJanuary traffic through the junction will be controlled with 4-way traffic lights.

All of the above dates are subject to change due to issues beyond our control.

In early February it will be necessary to complete the high friction surfacing on all of the junction approaches. These works will again be carried out overnight and will necessitate the use of 4 way traffic lights.

There are no plans to implement closures of Drayton Lane or Atterton Lane whilst the A444 closures are in place.

MIRA Frontage

As the works progress to construct the new roundabout at the MIRA Drive it will be necessary to implement further restrictions on the access arrangements in and out of the MIRA Drive. During January and February MIRA Drive will operate as a left-in, left-out junction only and staff and visitors to MIRA will only be able to gain access when travelling eastbound along the A5 (ie from Redgate towards Hinckley).

From the night of Friday 23rd January to the night of Sunday 25th January & the night of Friday 30th January to the night of Sunday 1st February the access in and out of MIRA will be fully closed. Access into MIRA during these periods will be via an alternative temporary access off Fenn Lanes.

In order to complete surfacing and lining works around the new MIRA Roundabout it will be necessary to control through traffic on the A5 with traffic lights. These lights will be necessary during a number of night shifts towards the end of January and through February.

As a general note when lights are in use overnight at both Redgate Junction and the MIRA Frontage significant delays to through traffic can be expected. We apologise in advance for any delays that the travelling public suffer and we will do what we can to keep all delays to a minimum. If you can avoid travelling through this area overnight during Jan and Feb then please do so.

For further information on other schemes in the area, including the Longshoot and Dodwells junction improvements, please contact A5works@aone.uk.com in the first instance.