Twycross Zoo’s hair-raising HORRORS will haunt you well beyond Halloween

Wednesday, 23rd October 2019

IN the run-up to Halloween, Twycross Zoo is educating its visitors and teaching them all about the horrors that animals face in the wild.

Twycross Zoo which is a conservation charity has created its very own ghoulish graveyard which showcases extremely chilling facts.

Each gravestone represents a different species from the zoo and draws attention to the fact that if things don’t change, we may lose some of the most fascinating animals on the planet, forever.

Each stone includes the threats to that particular animal, for example, Sumatran tigers are at risk of extinction due to habitat loss as a result of the expansion of palm oil plantations.

Whilst Eastern black rhinos are being driven to extinction by poachers killing them for their horn, and wild chimpanzees are killed by poachers for meat and the youngsters captured for the illegal pet trade.

Dr Matyas Liptovszky, Head of Life Sciences at Twycross Zoo, said: “Every single day millions of animals around the world experience unimaginable horror, with their habitats and populations being wiped out at an alarming rate. Here at Twycross Zoo we pride ourselves on our conservation efforts and educating people, which is why we felt it was important to shed some light on the horrors that animals face in the wild, and what better time to do that than Halloween.

Every action makes a difference. Three simple things you can do to support conservation are:

  • You can support the prevention of habitat loss due to palm oil by only choosing products made with sustainable palm oil.
  • You can help reduce the impact of habitat loss due to mineral mining by recycling old mobile phones.
  • You can find out more about the threats that animals face in the wild and the ways to support conservation by visiting Twycross Zoo this Halloween.

As a conservation charity, your admission goes to supporting and caring for endangered species at the zoo as well as across the world through 9 conservation projects from Borneo to Belize.

This October Half Term, visitors to Twycross Zoo can support conservation through its online-only Spooktacular ticket deals. Only £15 an adult and £10 a child, available now until 3rd November 2019. ‘Boo-k’ online & SAVE here.

Twycross Zoo is home to over 500 animals from over 125 species and is the only place in the UK where people can see all four types of great ape, chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutan and bonobo. For more information please visit

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