Two weeks left to apply for Tamworth charity fund grant

Thursday, 27th October 2016

A TAMWORTH charity fund which has been running since 1868 is reminding people that there is still time to apply for a slice of the £2,000 cash – with applications set to close in just over two weeks.

The Tamworth Municipal Charities, which has been run by the Borough Council since 1868, exists to improve the lives of Tamworth residents.

The charity normally awards grants between £100 and £500. The charity was originally founded by philanthropists to relieve financial hardship for local people at a time when state assistance was non-existent.

Over the years it has provided financial assistance to those in need. Originally this took the form of cash handouts, but has also included the provision of washing machines, cookers, disabled aids, help towards the cost of visiting relatives in hospital or respite care.

The funds are created from returns on investments and the trustees consider requests for help for people in need who live in Tamworth, or from organisations which offer help and support to those in need.

In 1909, the fund gave away £5.50 to Tamworth Hospital and in 1949, 289 people were each given four shillings at the Assembly Rooms. In later years, organisations including Dosthill Boys Club and Home Start received grants.

Tony Goodwin, Tamworth Borough Council’s Chief Executive and Secretary of Tamworth Municipal Charities, said: “For 147 years, this charity fund has helped hundreds of people and organisations needing some assistance. While only relatively small, this fund can make a huge difference to those in need and consequently, I would urge people to apply.”

The closing date for applications to the fund is Friday November 11. The Charity Trustees will then meet on November 16 to consider allocation of the funds.

All applications should be made in writing to Secretary to the Trustees Anthony Goodwin, Tamworth Borough Council, Marmion House, Lichfield Street, Tamworth, B79 7BZ.

Applications from organisations should include a copy of the latest statement of accounts.