Twelve Industrial Units given the go-ahead for the B5000

Tuesday, 24th February 2015

PLANS for twelve light industrial units as well as a new access road and parking have been given the go-ahead for land off the B5000 at Stonydelph.

The new area of light industrial units is in affect an extension to Amington Industrial Estate in the direction of the Warwickshire border, close to Chiltern Road.

The area, to be known as Darwell Park will consist of two detached units, two blocks of three smaller units and one block of four units. As well as the units there will be approximately 60 designated parking spaces, 5 designated refuse areas and a cycle shelter.

In total, 1570 sq meters (16,899 sq foot) of floor space will be created by the development.

Three trees will be removed to accommodate the development but an area of Biodiversity will be maintained at the eat of the site.

Darwell Park Access off the B5000

The plans for the Darwell Park Access off the B5000 at Stonydelph.

Access to the site will be via a new junction that is being created, around 80 meters past the Chiltern Road junction closest to Tamworth.

As well as the new junction, a new footway will be created on the northern side of the B5000, along with a crossing identified by tactile paving.

The works at the site now have to begin within three years and prior to the work commencing, a site clearance wildlife survey needs to be carried out and submitted to the Planning Authority.

Full conditions of the approval can be found via the Tamworth Borough Council planning portal.

An artists impression of how the units will look from the B5000.

An artists impression of how the units will look from the B5000.