Support group helps feed and support Tamworth residents

Sunday, 24th May 2020

A SUPPORT group which was started in Tamworth as a response to the Coronavirus pandemic and Government lockdown has grown from strength to strength.

As a Country, we entered Government lockdown on 23 March – two months ago. This bought about self-isolation for a large number of people with pre-existing health conditions – some of which, need support.

Unfortunately, for some of the more vulnerable in society, this has meant isolation in the most extreme sense – people have gone days or weeks without any human interaction whatsoever.

In addition to the physical isolation, the lockdown has meant that some people have been unable to get out of their homes to collect even the most basic of supplies – such as food or personal hygiene items.

Of course, as the lock-down lasts longer, more and more families are needing support.  Some people have been lucky enough to be retained by their employers on a furlough basis, but some people have found themselves out of work.

The reduction or loss of income to families who were perhaps just ‘getting by’ before, now find themselves in an unmanageable position and needing help more than ever.

Fortunately, a group of community-spirited volunteers in Tamworth have come together to not only help with supplies, but to also lend an ear for people to talk to, and to be there – perhaps not in person, but at the end of a phone.

Tamworth Self Isolation Support Group (TSISG) is a diverse group of individuals from various backgrounds who have stepped up for the sake of the wider community.

We popped along to meet some of the group yesterday morning (Saturday 23 May), a day which marks two months since lockdown and we spoke to Councillor Paul ‘Brina’ Brindley who was the founder of the group.

He told us how the volunteers were from various backgrounds – Students, Carers, Hairdressers, Estate Agents to name just a few – and they were of varying ages too.

He said: “We have an amazing team and we have been very lucky, they have been an absolute credit to the community as a whole.”

Brina said how Lee Bates and his team at Communities Together CIC were operating the telephone support line from 10 am – 5 pm every day; a number that anyone that is in need can call on 01827 59646. People can even just call for a chat if they are feeling lonely.

This number can also be used by anyone who knows someone who they think could benefit from the services of TSISG – whether it be that they need food, need a prescription collecting, or even a jigsaw to keep their mind active.

The team on the phones also act as a signposting service to other agencies, so if they feel another organisation may be better suited to help – they can assist by making a referral or passing contact details on.

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How you can help…

If you would like to support the group, you can drop off food or hygiene items, 7-days a week to the Sacred Heart on Silverlink Road, Glascote.  Alternatively, you can give financial support by donating on their JustGiving page.

You can also take a look at their Facebook page, here you can stay up to date with what they are up to and see if there is anything specific they need.

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Here at Tamworth Informed, we want to say a huge THANK YOU to all NHS Staff, Care Workers, Emergency Service Workers, Shop Staff and anyone else helping to keep us safe, healthy, fed, watered or connected to vital services during this difficult time. Please stay safe and look after each other.

Tamworth Informed Editor
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Stay Alert

● Stay at home as much as possible
● Work from home if you can
● Limit contact with other people
● Keep your distance if you go out (2 metres apart where possible)
● Wash your hands regularly

Self-isolate if you or anyone in your household has symptoms.

Find out more information about COVID-19 in the NHS 111 website here