More trains, refurbished carriages and extra seats for commuter services into and out of Tamworth

Friday, 10th May 2019

TAMWORTH’S MP, Christopher Pincher, and the West Midlands Railway service recently met to go through the new plans for the lines running through Tamworth.

West Midlands Railway run two lines that go through the Tamworth constituency: The Cross City Line and West Coast Main Line.

The Cross City Line runs from Birmingham to Lichfield Trent Valley and the whole service will see a refurbishment of carriages ahead of the arrival of a new bigger train fleet in 2021.

The services in the evenings will be better and more trains will run all the way to Lichfield. Many commuters have issues with overcrowding getting too and from work and so the service will see the optimisation of 6 car trains at the busiest times.

The West Coast Main Line runs down to London under the London Northwestern brand and commuters will see twice as many seats on most trains with 8 car trains at busy times but also on weekends.

There will be later evening departures back from Euston for those that may be in London for work or at a show. Visiting London on a Sunday will become easier with the announcement too of faster and more direct Sunday services.

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Commenting Christopher Pincher MP said: “It seems that West Midlands Railway are listening to commuters, and I strongly welcome the changes they are bringing in. More trains when they are needed and enough space for people to sit will increase comfort and reduce the risk of overcrowding. Lots of us, me included, use the trains and the increase in service as well as new trains within 2 years is good news for us all.

“CrossCountry operate a line through Tamworth too and this is separate to West Midlands Railway, we are still talking to the franchise and raising constituent concerns.”

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