Tiz the Season to Be Jolly? Not if You Have Lost Your Hearing!

Monday, 17th December 2018

MIDLANDS resident, Tom Kane has made a personal appeal for people to show a little patience when talking to the hard of hearing this Christmas.

Tom, has worn two hearing aids since 2000 due to noise damage and prior to that he was in the Royal Air Force for 30 years.

He said this to Tamworth Informed: “Please when you are having a family get together or an office party at this time of the year, don’t forget the person you know who has a hearing problem.

“They will not be able to follow everyone, they probably won’t hear the joke, the noise and chatting around them is probably a muffled sound, this could be on top of their tinnitus, which is noises in the brain.

“If you can, get their attention before you start talking to them, they will turn and be able to see your face. Don’t talk to them in the dark, we need to see your face, not your back!

“Don’t be impatient, we really want to enjoy ourselves as well as you, its no fun not knowing what is being said or what the conversation is about.

“Even if your friend is wearing Hearing Aids, they will still have problems understanding a lot of conversations, because the aid only improves the hearing you have left, It DOES NOT replace the hearing lost

“This is always the worst time for someone who has lost their hearing, even if it’s a small amount, its enough to make that person isolated,  lonely, and useless.

“Please help your friend who has lost their hearing to enjoy this Christmas time”.

This article was supplied to Tamworth Informed by Tom Kane - @deafnable.