THURSDAY: Support Tamworth troops in Homecoming Parade

Wednesday, 25th June 2014

Tammies are being encouraged to line the streets at the 3 Mercian Home Coming Parade tomorrow.

Taking place in the town centre on Thursday 26th June at 1045am, the soldiers of 3 Battalion, Mercian Regiment (formerly Staffords), will be taking part in a homecoming parade in Tamworth.  A salute will take place at the Town Hall.

Lets get the people of Tamworth to line the streets, there are a lot of Tammies in this Battalion and make it a day for them to remember.

This follows their return from a tour of up to nine months in Afghanistan.

Please come along and show your support and help make it a day for them to remember.

Last time the Mercian Regiment marched through town, Hundreds of people took to the streets to cheer them as they returned home from Afghanistan and it is hoped to recreate this next week.

The soldiers, marched through the town centre in November 2011. A dedication and blessing was also carried out in the Castle Grounds before the march as a special reflection area was unveiled.

The regiment was met by hundreds of people cheering them as they marched through the street, and took part in a salute outside the Town Hall.