The benefits of Summer Camp

Wednesday, 19th June 2019

IN the news we are seeing more studies come to light with research showing that play is likely the most effective way for children to learn life skills and discover their interests and passions.

Add this to the scientific evidence showing that being in nature increases cognitive performance while decreasing stress levels and that forest schools can provide an advantage for the mental development of a child.

Omega camps are all about kids getting outside, active and learning. That’s why we include so many educational activities designed to develop young people’s life skills such as; communication, teamwork, leadership, inclusion, independence, confidence, problem-solving and feelings management.

The Omega team aspire to inspire people of all ages to get involved with activities that improve health and well-being. It has long been known that physical activity improves mood and builds confidence, being in an outdoor environment has been shown to exhibit these same positive outcomes as well as being a great stress reliever.

Running alongside the physical and mental benefits of camp, we have a wonderful opportunity to influence young people in a positive way. Camp instructors around the world are looked up to, children everywhere hold activity instructors as brave role models and would love to be more like them. Many camps don’t eat junk or drink fizzy drinks on site for this reason and at Omega, our team would like to take that a step further.

Our ethos is “Leave it better than you found it”, we believe that “leave it as you found it” is the least we can do and strive for better. We endeavour to be as eco-friendly as possible, so we re-use, re-purpose and recycle whatever we can. You can be a part of this by bringing in your recyclable items to camp to be used in our Arts-cycle sessions. 

This Summer our Arts-cycle project is to up-cycle the plant boxes at Landau Forte Tamworth. These flower boxes have been left to grow wild and we would like to invite you to join us in rolling up our sleeves and creating something wonderful that the school can be proud of.

The children attending camp will be involved in digging out the weeds, painting the boxes, planting flowers and creating items to go into our giant fairy garden. We will be creating items like houses, paths and fences out of natural things that the children can then use their imagination to turn into wonderful fairy homes.

So don’t worry about what to do with the kids this Summer, that’s what camp is for!

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