Television fire sparks safety warning

Friday, 12th June 2015

FIREFIGHTERS are supporting a national safety campaign which urges older people to register electrical appliances following a house fire in Staffortdshire.

The incident took place on Tean Road, Cheadle, North Staffs and involved a television which had set alight, causing substantial damage to the living room of a semi-detached property.

The television was too severely damaged for fire investigators to ascertain whether it was on the recall list compiled by the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMEDA).

However, Station Manager for Cheadle Mark Hall said that the incident highlights the importance of checking serial numbers on the national register – – to ensure that any appliances that people have are not on the recall list.

Residents are also being urged to register all electrical equipment by visiting the recently created website, set up by AMEDA.

The website is user-friendly and provides quick access to the registration pages of more than 60 leading brands of domestic appliances. People can register new appliances as well as those that are up to 12 years old.

Station Manager Hall said: “Luckily the resident involved in this incident saw the fire at an early stage and was able to leave the house and dial 999. The fire and rescue service had also fitted smoke alarms in the property last week which activated and would have alerted the lady to the situation had she not seen the blaze.

“Due to the severity of damage caused to the television, we could not identify the serial number so don’t know whether the equipment was part of a recall or not but I believe this incident serves as a pertinent reminder of the importance of registering electrical equipment with manufacturers so that you will be informed of any recalls and of checking the national register to make sure that you don’t have any historic appliances that are on the recall list.

“In addition modern homes are usually fitted with circuit boards provided with miniature circuit breakers and residual current devices designed to detect and respond to electrical faults which will prevent fires of this type – if in doubt residents should contact a competent electrician to have their home electrical installation checked.

“I would also urge anyone who has older friends, relatives or neighbours who may not be able to carry out these checks themselves to assist them in doing so. It doesn’t take long to do but could ultimately save their life.”

Firefighters from Longton and Hanley attended the incident at 1.12pm on Monday, June 8. They wore four breathing apparatus and used two hose reel jets when tackling the fire before leaving the scene at 3.23pm.

Following the blaze, firefighters have been visiting properties in the area to talk to residents about safety measures they can take and offering free Home Fire Risk Checks.