Tamworth’s most popular baby names revealed

Friday, 21st September 2018

NEW statistics released today, Friday 21 September have revealed the most popular baby names registered in Tamworth for 2017.

One of the challenges for any new parent is finding a name for their baby. Baby names are different across the world, for cultural and for religious reasons.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) analysis shows that names given to babies differ even by local authority within England and Wales.

In Tamworth, there were three joint most popular boy’s names for 2017; these were George, Harry and Noah, which were given to 12 boys each.  For girls, the most popular name was Eva, which was given to 7 girls each.

In neighbouring North Warwickshire, the joint most popular boys names were Freddie and Oscar which were given to 9 boys each; the joint girl’s names were Ava, Isla and Willow which were given to 8 girls each.

Last year, there were 679,106 live births, with babies being given 63,697 distinct names and with just 73 unique names ranking first across 347 local areas.

Nationally, the top three girls’ names in 2017 were Olivia, Amelia and Isla.  The top three boys’ names in 2017 were Oliver, Harry and George.

You can find out the most popular names in other areas, using the interactive feature below.