Tamworth’s future development – have your say

Tuesday, 1st April 2014

Potential sites for future employment and housing have now been outlined by Tamworth Borough Council – and people are being invited to have their say to help shape the borough’s future.

Tamworth Borough Council’s new draft Local Plan –a blueprint for development until 2031 – contains proposals and policies for new employment and housing sites.

From March 31st until May 12th, residents, businesses, developers, other organisations and interested parties, can have their say on the proposals. A number of events will also be held in the coming weeks and months where people can find out more and have discussions with planning officers.

In total, more than 60 sites across the borough underwent in-depth studies to assess their suitability for future housing.

This has now been reduced to 24 potential sites, made up of four strategic sites and 20 smaller brown field sites.  In addition there are eight proposed sites for employment development. These are listed below.

Broken down into chapters, the plan focuses on four over-arching themes: A prosperous borough; strong and vibrant neighbourhoods; a high quality environment, and a sustainable town.

All comments on the proposals must be backed up by evidence if they are to be including in the next stage of the Local Plan. For example, if someone objects to a potential development site, there must be valid reasons for it not to be considered.

Further consultation events will take place later in the year at the pre-submission stage. Following this, it will be presented to the Government’s Planning Inspectorate for examination.

To look at the proposals for Tamworth – including full details of sites for development – please visit the council’s website: www.tamworth.gov.uk. There is an online document where people can fill in to have their say. Alternatively visit the council offices or telephone 01827 709709 for a paper copy.

National government sets the number of houses local authorities need to build to provide sustainable housing for the future, while dealing with increasing need.

The government requires all local authorities to consider future housing need. Tamworth Borough Council’s assessment included looking at the number of new homes needed to meet the projected population growth and potential sites for future development.

There is no doubt that new housing need to be provided – not only to meet government targets – but to ensure residents and future generations have access to good quality housing in  Tamworth This also encourages people to stay in the borough, boosting the economy.

Tamworth needs to provide at least 4,250 over the life time of the plan, approximately 170 new homes a year – to meet needs across the borough. A further 2,000 new homes will need to be provided outside of the borough; currently there is an agreement with Lichfield and North Warwickshire to provide these.  Tamworth Borough Council, will be able to comment on Lichfield District Council’s Local Plan in relation to this.

Proposed housing sites:

  • Anker Valley: capacity 500 dwellings
  • Golf Course: capacity 1100 dwellings
  • Coton Lane: capacity 190 dwellings
  • Dunstall Lane: capacity 700 dwellings

Proposed employment sites:

  • Land south of the A5, Bitterscote south
  • Cardinal Point
  • Land north of Bonehill Road, Part of Bonehill Road employment
  • Land adjacent to Relay Park
  • Land adjacent to Centurion Park
  • Sandy Way, part of Amington employment area
  • Land adjacent to Sandy Hill Business Park
  • Site off Bonehill Road – developable site area 0.57 hectares

Public Consultation Events 2014

Glascote Library

Thursday 17th April between 10am and 4pm

Tuesday 29th April between 1pm and 5pm

Tamworth Library

Monday 7th April between 4pm and 7pm

Thursday 10th April between 10am and 4pm

Ammington Community Centre (ARCH)

Tuesday 15th April between 4pm and 7pm

Wilnecote Library

Wednesday 16th April between 2.30pm and 5pm

Wednesday 30th April between 4pm and 7pm

Ankerside Centre

Saturday 26th April between 10am and 4pm

Tamworth Plan Map

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