Tamworth woman still missing since terror attack

Saturday, 27th June 2015

SUSAN Davey, the 44-year-old woman from Tamworth has still not conaround mid-day.

Conor Fulford, the son of Susan took to Twitter  yesterday afternoon as he had not heard from his mum since the incident.  Since then he has been using the hashtag #FindSueDavey and has been seeking the support of News Agencies and Celebrities around the world.

Tweet by Conor Fulford23-year-old Conor, from Tamworth is currently in America working as a youth football coach.

Sue Davey who is holidaying in Tunisia and was reported to be on the beach at Imperial Resort when the terrorist attack occurred. Conor was told her phone was handed in to police at the beach.

Hopes were raised when just before 11am UK time today, Conor posted a screenshot from Sky News to Twitter where a woman can be seen lying on an ambulance trolley and being tended to by medics. The image is not clear but he believes this could be his mum.

He is also in contact with a Tunisian who is ‘almost certain’ that Susan was in Clinique les Oliviers hospital with a gunshot wound to her leg.

But staff denied she was one of the wounded being treated there.

Unfortunately, as of 5.46pm UK time, Conor has still not heard from his Mum and so the hunt for information continues.

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Sue was holidaying with her partner 42-year old, Scott Chalkley. The couple, who both work for Severn Trent Water, were enjoying their dream holiday after recently buying a house together.

Scott’s son, 23-year-old Ross Naylor from Derby, also took to Twitter to appeal for information on his father.

He wrote: “Haven’t spoke to my Dad since the attack, please, please, please RT as he is missing along with his partner.”

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So far the Foreign Office have confirmed at least five of those killed were British. None of the victims have yet been named.  Doctors released a list of injured British patients at the hospital to the Telegraph and neither Susan or Scott were included.

Sousse, TunisiaThe Britons injured at Clinique les Oliviers hospital reportedly are:

  • Cristine Kalle, born 1965
  • Lucy Pettit, 23,
  • Mary Casey, 22
  • James Mathiew Rivhard, 38
  • Naomi Wearing, 18
  • Alison Brooks, 46
  • Neil Convey, 25
  • Louise Knowles, 25
  • Carol Harrison, 55
  • Natasha McDonald, 23
  • Richard Owen, 16
  • James Mcguire, age not given

The Foreign Office has urged anyone concerned about family or friends to call its helpline on 0207 008 0000.

So far, our original article has been been by over 150,000 people on Facebook alone and has been shared by almost 1500 people. We want to continue to spread the word as at some point, someone that knows something will see it.