Knitting groups are busy joining forces to support dementia and social isolation

Wednesday, 14th November 2018

TAMWORTH’S army of generous knitters have been busy putting their skills to good use again, creating a variety of items to help people across the area.

Knitters from groups Tamworth Knitting and Crotchet Group and Seniors United have joined forces to create even more twiddle muffs, blankets, hats, mittens and cardigans to help socially isolated groups, families in need and people living with dementia.

Seniors United – a group of sheltered housing tenants, who meet on a regular basis with The Tenant Regulatory and Involvement Team at Tamworth Borough Council, were asked if they could assist with baby cardigans and the Tamworth Knitting and Crotchet Group handed some in the next day that they had been working on.  The groups are now assisting with some larger cardigans and jumpers for four and five years old, which are desperately needed and blankets for dogs owned by homeless and people living on the streets.

Many kind-hearted residents from across the borough of Tamworth have assisted in this worthwhile project throughout the year, working as a team, either knitting up a storm or donating spare wool.

Once completed, the knitted items are given to local teams supporting social isolation for distribution to children, adults and families in need. Groups which have benefited include adult and children’s learning disability teams, the children’s court of protection, Haunton Hall Nursing Home, safeguarding teams, social workers and Birmingham respite care for the elderly.

Colleen Murphy from the Adult Learning Disability Team for Staffordshire County Council said: “A big thank you to the army of knitters for making such beautiful blankets and twiddle muffs, what a talented bunch!

“These useful knitted items have now been shared with the adult’s learning disability team, children’s disability team and the children’s court of protection team. I have also offered some to my colleague who is a nurse at Haunton Hall care home for older people.

“They have been very gratefully received and will be a great asset for those working with adults and children with conditions such as learning disability, autism and dementia or who experience confusion and anxiety.”

“They have been very gratefully received and will be a great asset for those working with adults and children with conditions such as learning disabilities, autism and dementia, or who experience confusion and anxiety.”

Cllr Michelle Cook, Cabinet member for Housing Services and Neighbourhoods, said: “I am delighted that Tamworth Knitting and Crotchet Group have joined with Seniors United to be involved in such a worthwhile activity and contribute towards bringing comfort and warmth to adults and children from various socially isolated groups.  .

“Twiddle Muffs help people with dementia to occupy their restless hands, as well as providing visual, tactical and sensory stimulation and helping to reduce anxiety. I am delighted that the knitting groups have also agreed to knit items for babies and children of various ages.”

If you would like to find out more or get involved with tenant support groups, more information can be found at

If you wish to knit squares for blankets, twiddle muffs or items for babies and children,

please contact Diane Hughes, Tenant Regulatory and Involvement Assistant for Tamworth Borough Council, or Karen Clancy, Tamworth Borough Council Partnership Manager on 01827 709709.