Tamworth Borough Council, 2014 election results

Friday, 23rd May 2014

The Conservative Party has retained overall control of Tamworth Borough Council in the 2014 Local Election.

After the election yesterday, Thursday 22 May, the overall seats for Tamworth Council are:

16 Conservative12 Labour1 Independent1 UKIP


We were up through the night, bringing you the election results as they come in to us.  Scroll down to see the full news, as the results happened.

01:12 – reports are that at the moment, the election results are too close to call at the moment.


01:39 – eagerly awaiting the first results…

 election history

Tamworth Borough Council election history

01:46 – Cllr Faulkner saying that he is now not as confident as he was earlier about Labour regaining the three seats required to regain control of the Council.

02:00Labour gain Amington – Tom Peaple takes the seat from John Garner (Cons)

02:04 –  Conservative gain  Belgrave – Joy Goodall takes seat from Richard McDermid (Lab)

02:08 – Labour hold Bolehall – Ken Norchi retains seat

02:10 – Conservative hold Castle – Allan Lunn retains seat

02:12 Labour hold Glascote – Simon Peaple retains seat

02:14 – Conservative hold Mercian – Michael Greatorex retains seat

02:16 – Conservative hold Spittal – Christopher John Chesworth retains seat previously held by Ken Gant (cons)

02:18 – Conservative hold Trinity – Michael Oates retains seat previously help by Lee Bates (cons)

02:24 Conservative hold Wilnecote – Tina Clements retains seat

02:28 UKIP gain Stonydelph – Tony Madge takes seat from Steven Pritchard (cons), following a recount

02:34 – That is it, the results are all in.  Overall Conservative have lost one seat but still retain overall control of Tamworth Borough Council. Overall make up of the council:

16 Conservative, 12 Labour, 1 Independent, 1 UKIP



03:18  – The full breakdown of the results can now be seen by visiting the Tamworth Borough Council website, here


03:21 – The full results reveal that UKIP won the seat in the Stonydelph ward by just 27 votes.  With a turnout of just 28.58% for the ward, the second lowest of the Borough, which way would  it have gone if more had voted?

03:24 – The turnout summery: 33.02% for the Borough, the lowest ward being Glascote with just 27.81% and the highest being Spital with 38.10% turnout.

The 2014 election turnout summey

The 2014 election turnout summery