Survey to highlight real effect of funding cuts to local healthcare

Monday, 3rd April 2017

A NEW study aims to reveal the true impact of funding cuts on health services in Staffordshire.

The ‘Funding for the Future’ survey will use input from patients to analyse the effect that reductions in spending or changes to services have had so far.

So Healthwatch Staffordshire, which is carrying out the work, is calling for anyone who has been affected to share their experiences.

The watchdog is also appealing for views on how services could be better designed along with suggestions on how budget allocations could be reshaped under the current financial climate.

It’s thought feedback from the study will be used to develop the next stage of the Sustainability and Transformation Plans for the county.

Jan Sensier, chief executive of Engaging Communities Staffordshire, which delivers Healthwatch, said: “Funding cuts have already made a big impact on health services in Staffordshire as well as the rest of the UK.

“Things are likely to get worse before they get better, so it’s important that we get a snapshot of how people are being affected by the changes that are being made.

“This survey is looking at the impact that reductions in funding or changes to services have had so far.

“We want to hear about people’s experiences and would like to analyse the impact such decisions have had on quality of life.”

The study also looks at the next step for services in Staffordshire, according to Ms Sensier.

She added: “We want to hear people’s ideas about how services can be designed to have maximum efficiency and impact in future.

“How could the allocation of funds be changed, given the financial pressures faced by the NHS, and how can we minimise the impact of future cuts on individuals or the community?

“These are big issues that are likely to affect every one of us at some point in our lives so it’s vital that as many people as possible can have a say.

“Feedback will be passed on to commissioners to help inform their plans for the sustainable delivery of services in Staffordshire.”

Take part in the survey by going to