Stricken cat calmed by Firefighters using Smokey Paws oxygen mask

Friday, 25th August 2017

FIREFIGHTERS feared the worst when they were called to a report of a cat impaled on railings in Burton-upon-Trent.

A resident called the Service after hearing the cats distressed calls from a garden in Gordon Street at around 1.12pm on Wednesday August 23.

Crews from Burton attended and found the distressed cat, one-year-old Gizmo, had somehow become stuck by her back leg on the spiked point of some metal railings on top of a fence. While waiting for the RSPCA and local vet they kept Gizmo calm and administered oxygen using a Smokey Paws animal mask.

When the vet arrived they assessed Gizmo and gave her pain relief so she could be safely removed from the railings.

Thankfully, after treatment to the wound and some stitches, Gizmo is expected to make a full recovery and is set to be reunited with her owner soon.

Jon Crew, Watch Manager, said: “When we arrived we found a very distraught cat with a nasty leg wound. It looked like she had tried to jump into some bushes next to the railings but had misjudged it and become impaled by her leg.

“The Smokey Paws mask was used to give Gizmo oxygen which helped calm her down and stop her struggling, which would have made her injuries much worse.

“We were ready to cut the railings to free Gizmo if required but it was decided this would probably panic her more and instead the vet was able to perform an incision in her leg to free her.”

Veterinary Surgeon Jen Lees, from Springwood Vets in Stapenhill, said: “The firefighters did a fantastic job in soothing Gizmo and calming her down. They sheltered her to keep her calm and used the oxygen mask to help as she was in shock.

“Thanks to their efforts her injuries weren’t made worse by her panicking or trying to free herself. Luckily, other than using one of her nine lives, she should be absolutely fine and will hopefully be able to go home fairly soon.”

Gizmo, the rescued cat

Gizmo, the rescued cat. Credit: Staffs FaRS.