Tamworth murderer jailed for minimum of 29 years

Friday, 7th August 2020

AN 20-year-old man from Tamworth who was convicted of raping and murdering his friend on the way home from celebrating her birthday has been given a mandatory life sentence.

Wesley Streete from the Leyfields area raped Keeley Bunker before killing her and dumping her body in a brook in Wigginton Park, hiding her under branches to conceal her body.

Ms Bunker had earlier been to a concert in Birmingham to celebrate turning 20 and allowed Streete to walk her home as she trusted him.

Streete was today sentenced at Stafford Crown Court and will serve a minimum of 29-years behind bars.

He was also found guilty of two other counts of rape and three counts of sexual assault against three other victims.

Streete repeatedly lied about what had happened to Keeley after they returned to Tamworth following a night out at Snobs nightclub in Birmingham – changing his version of events a number of times.

He even had the audacity to say to officers that he felt like they were blaming him as he sat in the back of the Police car.

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Sentencing Streete, Mr Justice Jeremy Baker said the killer formed a “carefully crafted” scheme of falsehoods following his crime, tailored to fit the evidence.

Prior to leaving for home, Ms Bunker had told a female friend: “I’ve got Wes, he’ll walk me back. It’ll be fine.”

Streete, who once had a football scholarship to play for Lichfield and Tamworth, initially told police he had left her to walk home alone.

He then changed his account at least four times before his trial, and in court claimed he had accidentally killed her during sex.

The judge told Streete that, on the way back to Ms Bunker’s house, he was “satisfied you persuaded Keeley to divert to the rugby club, probably on the pretext of going for a smoke”.

Murder and Rapist - Wesley Streete

Murder and Rapist – Wesley Streete. (Credit: Staffordshire Police)

He said: “What took place in Wigginton Park is you proceeded to rape Keeley Bunker, in the course of which you murdered her by throttling her, in all probability by placing her in a choke-hold for sufficient period of time to kill her”.

The judge stated the choke-hold would have been “minutes, rather than seconds”.

“When you had finished with her you decided to hide Keeley’s now lifeless body by depositing it in the brook, covering it up with branches.

“You then walked back to your home, went to bed and slept.”

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The judge said not only had Keeley “lost the opportunity of fulfilling her life ambition, helping to educate young children”, her family had “lost the company of their beloved daughter, sister and niece”.

He said the starting point for Streete’s sentence would be a minimum of 30 years, but reduced the tariff to 29 years and 46 days, allowing for time already served.

The judge told Streete: “You may never be released as that will only occur if and when the Parole Board is satisfied it is no longer necessary for the protection of the public that you should be confined.

“Even if you are released, you will remain on licence and subject to recall for life.”

Det Insp Cheryl Hannan, senior investigating officer on the case, said: “I welcome the outcome of this week’s conviction and today’s sentencing and hope it will bring some comfort to Keeley’s friends and family.

“This devious and manipulative character, someone who repeatedly lied and targeted young women, is now behind bars and I am grateful to every single person who helped us reach this conclusion.”