“I feel like I’m getting the blame” – words of Tamworth murderer as he sat in police car

Thursday, 6th August 2020

CONVICTED murderer Wesley Streete from Tamworth is seen in Police body-worn video footage telling officers “I feel like I’m getting the blame” less than an hour before his arrest.

Streete who was yesterday found guilty of raping and murdering 20-year-old Keeley Bunker as they walked home following a night out to celebrate her birthday was sat calmly in the back of a police car as he was spoken to by officers.

On the footage from the AXON body-worn video recorders that are worn by all officers in Staffordshire, the then 19-year-old street was sat in the rear of the police car with another adult whilst two officers sat in the front, questioning him about his movements and taking his mobile phone from him.

Streete is then heard to say calmly to officers “I feel like I’m getting the blame, you said when I was at the house that all I needed to do was speak to the officer and then I could go and look for Keeley.  And then, you take my phone off me.”

Further into the footage, Streete was arrested on the suspicion of the murder of Keeley Bunker and later he could be seen being arriving at Police Custody where he told officers it was ‘scary’.

When he was booked into Police Custody he was also heard telling the Custody Sergeant that he was feeling “A bit sad”.

As part of the trial, the court heard that Keeley and her friend had gone to a concert by the rapper Aitch at the O2 Institute in Birmingham on 18 September to celebrate Keeley’s 20th birthday, which was 12 days earlier. They arranged to meet Streete at New Street Station in Birmingham after the concert. The three went to a nightclub and after leaving at 2.40am got a taxi back to Tamworth.

Keeley was last seen walking towards her house with Streete. The next day, she didn’t go to a job interview she had been due to attend. Her father reported her missing to police.

Streete was identified as the last person to have seen Keeley alive. He gave officers and Keeley’s family a detailed account of the route they walked and said they had parted company at a phone box at the junction of Masefield Drive and Wordsworth Avenue. He even showed officers the route on a drive around during the search for Keeley.

Keeley’s body was found at 9pm that night lying face down in a pool near the edge of Wigginton Park.

When Streete was arrested a couple of hours later, he had scratches on his face.

The jury found Streete guilty after hearing about GPS, DNA and CCTV evidence which showed Streete’s version of events was a lie.

Murder and Rapist - Wesley Streete

Murder and Rapist – Wesley Streete

Expert analysis of his mobile phone showed that he did not make his way to the telephone box and then go home. Instead, he went away from his home and into Wigginton Park. CCTV captured Keeley and Streete by Tamworth Rugby Club at 4.23am. Streete’s mobile phone was in the area where Keeley’s body was found for about an hour. GPS data showed that the phone was at that location seven times that day.

Keeley’s rucksack was found a short distance away from Tamworth Rugby Club. Streete’s bank card was found between the rugby club and where Keeley’s body was found. Streete’s jacket, also found in the park, was heavily stained on the lower parts of both sleeves with the type of make-up which Keeley was wearing.

Streete’s DNA was found during a post-mortem examination of Keeley, which led to the rape charge.

Streete was also found guilty of five further sexual offences – two counts of rape and three counts of sexual assault. These offences took place in 2015, 2017 and 2019. The court heard details of sexual offences brought independently by three young women. In 2015, he raped and sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl, in 2017, he sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl and in 2019, he raped a 20-year-old woman.

A further sexual offence charge was discounted.

At Tamworth Informed our thoughts are with family and friends of Keeley at this difficult time.