Still time to get your panto magic fix! This is what we thought…

Wednesday, 20th December 2017

TAMWORTH’S pantomime has been the talk of the town – oh yes it has!

The spotlights shooting from the giant Big Top on Tamworth Castle Grounds really intrigued me, so I was excited to watch the show when I took my seats for Cinderella. I’m pleased to say I wasn’t disappointed.

It’s a magical rollercoaster ride of love and comedy which has the audience booing and laughing in equal measure. Cinderella herself is played beautifully by Bethany Wright, with a lovely singing voice and a fantastic innocence that has the audience on her side all the way through the show. Her best friend Buttons (Thomas Priestley) hits the right note as the devoted best friend, making everybody smile and keeping the story flowing nicely.

The laugh-out-loud moments come from the Ugly Sisters (Alex Farrell and Terry Batham) whose outrageous costumes include a Hot Dog and Burger, a cupcake and cocktail and even Bill and Ben. One particular scene involving a rubber hammer had the person next to me doubled up in pain they were laughing that much!

One of the stars of the show for me is Elliot Scott-Lolley who plays Prince Charming. His suave demeanour and singing makes you forget that these performers are actually volunteers!

The Baroness (Monique Hopkin) was a tour de force, terrifying some of the children and keeping the boos and hisses going throughout.

This show also features a bit of star quality – former ITV newsreader Llewela Bailey who plays Queen Atherstonia with aplomb.

Other notable performances come from community champion Lee Bates who plays the wise-cracking and unusually camp Baron, a funny, thigh-slapping Dandini, the magical Fairy Godmother who glides magically around the stage, a helpless helper called Helpa and a Bit Part who’s always building his role.

All in all the show was a resounding success, with a fantastic ensemble that kept the pace flowing and jokes aplenty. Things went wrong, and that only added to the piece, with plenty of local references to keep a Tamworth audience entertained. There are only a few performances left, so get your tickets while you can – on the door or by calling 01827 709618.