Major Boost for Staffordshire High Streets Welcomed by County Council

Monday, 28th December 2020

A MAJOR cash injection to revitalise coronavirus-hit high streets in three Staffordshire boroughs has been welcomed by the county council’s economic leader.

The government announced on Boxing Day that Tamworth will receive more than £ 21.65m as part of the £830 million Future High Streets Fund.

Newcastle-under-Lyme and Stafford have also secured provisional offers of £11m and just over £14m subject to further development of their plans.

Philip White, Staffordshire County Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economy and Skills, said:

“Our high streets have been particularly hard hit during this pandemic, so it is fantastic news to see three areas set to benefit from almost £50m, to help in particular to boost retail, leisure and hospitality businesses and attract more people back to our town centres.

“Congratulations to Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stafford and Tamworth on their successful bids.”

“While 2020 has been a tremendously difficult year, the Staffordshire economy has proved resilient and it is great to end the year with some really good news to give everyone hope for better times to come.

“In 2021, a key priority for this county council will be to help our businesses bounce back and start to thrive once again and we look forward to working with our colleagues in our district and borough councils to support their work with businesses in their communities.”

The government says the funding will support areas to recover from the pandemic and help transform underused town centres into vibrant places to live, work and shop.

Announcing the investment Communities Secretary Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP said:

“The year ahead will be a big one for the high street as it seeks to recover, adapt and evolve as a result of the pandemic.

“Today’s £830 million investment from the Future High Streets Fund is one of many ways the government is working to help our much-loved town centres get through this and prosper into the future.

“The role of the high street has always evolved. We want to support that change and make sure that they are the beating heart of their local community – with high quality housing and leisure in addition to shops and restaurants.

“This investment will help us build back better and make town centres a more attractive place to live, work and visit.”

Full list of selected high streets

15 places have been selected to receive all the money they asked for

  1. Tamworth £21,652,555
  2. Sunderland £25,000,000
  3. Sutton £11,346,704
  4. Bishop Auckland £19,856,853
  5. Blyth £11,121,059
  6. Kidderminster £20,510,598
  7. Old Kent Road, Southwark £9,605,854
  8. Swindon £25,000,000
  9. Stockport £14,500,000
  10. Winsford £9,980,000
  11. Sheffield £15,817,001
  12. Blackfriars, Worcester £17,939,000
  13. Birkenhead £24,581,011
  14. Brierley Hill £9,985,689
  15. Stretford £17,605,674

A further 57 places will receive provisional funding offers

  1. Stafford £14,377,723
  2. Newcastle-under-Lyme £11,048,260
  3. Leamington Spa £10,015,121
  4. Nuneaton £13,362,736
  5. Wolverhampton £15,760,196
  6. Walsall £11,439,967
  7. Tottenham £10,019,648
  8. Woolwich £17,150,964
  9. Wealdstone– £7,448,583
  10. Putney– £1,058,706
  11. Elland £6,310,812
  12. Northallerton £6,085,013
  13. Rotherham £12,660,708
  14. Halifax £11,762,823
  15. Barnsley £15,624,456
  16. Scunthorpe £10,675,323
  17. New Ferry, Wirral – £3,213,523
  18. Wigan £16,633,691
  19. Crewe £14,148,128
  20. Rochdale £17,080,458
  21. Farnworth, Bolton £13,306,817
  22. Oldham £10,750,237
  23. Kirkham, Fylde – £6,290,831
  24. Maryport, Allerdale – £11,527,839
  25. Carlisle £9,129,874
  26. Plymouth £12,046,873
  27. Barnstable £6,548,876
  28. Newton Abbot £9,199,364
  29. Paignton £13,363,248
  30. Kingswood £12,555,464
  31. Salisbury £9,355,731
  32. Penzance £10,403, 112
  33. Trowbridge £16,347,056
  34. Yeovil £9,756,897
  35. Taunton £13,962,981
  36. Loftus £5,833,628
  37. Middlesbrough £14,170,352
  38. Stockton £16,543,812
  39. South Shields £5,959,187
  40. Derby, St Peters Cross £15,034,398
  41. Sutton-in-Ashfield £6,279,872
  42. Grantham £5,558,818
  43. Grimsby £17,280,917
  44. Nottingham, West End Point £12,523,981
  45. Heanor £8,592,837
  46. Northampton £8,442,730
  47. Buxton £6,608,223
  48. Dover £3,202,226
  49. Newhaven £5,004,939
  50. Chatham £9,497,720
  51. Ramsgate £2,704,213
  52. Commercial Road, Portsmouth £3,122,375
  53. Fratton, Portsmouth £3,858,489
  54. High Wycombe £11,886,876
  55. St Neots £3,748,815
  56. March, Fenland £6,447,129
  57. Great Yarmouth £13,774,430

Speaking on the announcement, Borough and County Councillor, Jeremy Oates said:

“The announcement of the funding is a once in a generation opportunity and is going to make a huge difference to Tamworth. Receiving this amount of funding is testament to the work that has gone into the project and signals the starting pistol on the road to success. Receiving almost all of the total we bid for means we can deliver a huge amount of change and not just tinker with the edges

“The Government’s criteria and our aspiration for our bid was to create transformational change and build the right environment for Tamworth’s Town centre, building the foundations for change. The group of projects will create the link between our celebrating heritage in Castle and the long awaited Gungate development.

“Our aim is to bring more people back into the town centre. More people equals more vibrancy whether it’s in commerce, leisure and heritage or even retail.  Our bid includes a number of very exciting projects which are focused on creating the right foundations for a town centre that is at the heart of the community.

“It’s been a long road to get to this point, involving massive amounts of consultation and research. At the start of this process, we asked members of the public what they want to see from their town centre as part of the ‘Tamworth: What’s Next?’ campaign and used this to form the basis of the next phases of planning. Since then, we’ve spoken to and worked with numerous stakeholders, landowners, businesses and many more.

“We’ve thrown everything at this and have done all we can. We know people will be eager to hear the plans, but as the project involves commercially sensitive agreements and proposals with private landowners and sector partnerships, we’re not in a position to say more today.

“This level of funding along with the other projects the council are delivering we are putting the capital of Mercia back on the map, celebrating our heritage and at the same time building a 21st century town centre.

“We really are in challenging but exciting times and this support from central government will help Tamworth reset and recover.”