Good news for South Staffs Water customers as company announces REDUCTION in bills

Monday, 4th February 2019

SOUTH STAFFS WATER household customers will continue to receive the lowest combined water and sewerage bill in England and Wales in 2019/20, as the company announces a reduction in its water charges.

The average household water bill will fall by £1 to £146 a year, with customers continuing to pay, on average, less than 40p a day for all the water they need for drinking, cooking, washing and cleaning.

Wastewater charges, which South Staffs Water collects on behalf of Severn Trent Water, will increase by £9 and will cost around 48p a day (£174 a year).

Since 2014, bills in the South Staffs Water region have risen by less than 1% in a period when inflation has been 9%.

The prices for 2019/20 are in line with the South Staffs Water five-year business plan submitted to Ofwat in September 2018.  These plans are developed by every water and sewerage company after extensive consultation with customers.

Phil Newland, Managing Director at South Staffs Water, said: “We know, from talking to our customers, that value for money from their water supplier is important, so we’re committed to having one of the lowest water bills in the country, while providing a high-quality, consistent water supply.”

“If any of our customers face difficulty paying their bills, we offer support including flexible payment arrangements and a number of special tariffs.

“In April we will be holding some roadshows across the region so that anyone who needs help can come and talk to us face to face. We’ll announce the dates and locations soon.”

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