Spirit of Tamworth Community Awards Ceremony

Friday, 1st February 2019

TONIGHT is the night and Tamworth Informed are at the Tower Suite at Drayton Manor for the Awards Night of the 2019 Spirit of Tamworth Community Awards.

We will be bringing you live updates throughout the night so check back on this page for the results as they happen!

Further down the page you can see a list of all the finalists for each category.





Were here ready and the room is starting to fill, we have seen the running order and are very excited… from reading the citations for each of the finalists, I think a handkerchief may be needed!



And we’re off! The chairs are full and the guests have been welcomed. We will be bringing you the details of the first winner soon…



The fun and games have started before the awards with a room full of people playing Heads or Tales…  The winner has won a Stay and Play at Drayton Manor Hotel.



WOW!! We have just heard the amazing voice of Neve Perry, a Tamworth girl from Birmingham Royal Conservatoire. Truly AMAZING!



The award presentations have started…

The first presentation of the evening is for the Carer of the Year, an award which is sponsored by Roasters.

The winners for this award are… Dylan and Trey Buchanan.

Well done to all the finalists.

The second award is for the Sports Team / Person of the year which is sponsored by Tamworth Football Club.

The winner is… Elizabeth Edden

The next award is for the Dance / Drama Group of the year, sponsored by Oscar Petfood Tamworth and Lichfield.

And the winner is… TACT.

The next award is for the Volunteer of the Year, sponsored by Oceans of Tamworth.

And the winner is… Sheila and Sid Scott.

The next award is for the Lifetime Achievement Award which is sponsored by Clean Clean Cut Catering.

And the winner is… Christine Harris.



We’re having a short break in the awards presentations to have some food and hear from the National Vice President of Round Table – Paul Agnew



We’re back from our break and now for more presentations…

The next award is the Coach / Instructor of the year which is sponsored by Aston Unity Cricket Club.

And the winner is… Michelle Darlaston.

Up now is the award for the Community Group of the year, sponsored by RST Midlands.

And the winner is… Lions Lunch Club.

The next award is the 999 Award!! This has been sponsored by us at Tamworth Informed.

And the winner is….. TAME Community First Responders.



We are taking another short break from the presentations to hear from the very inspirational Georgie Moseley, the mother of Harry Moseley who sadly lost his life to cancer but before doing so raised over £750,000 for charity.



And now for more awards…

Up now is the award for Charity Fundraiser!! This has been sponsored by Ankerside Shopping Centre.

And the winner is…. Santas Little Helpers!!!

The next award is the Inspiration Award! This has been sponsored by Tamworth Round Table.

The Winner is Poppy Guilder, for all her amazing work with the Poppy Fields charity.

Up now is the Spirit of Youth Award. The Sponsor of this award is Namco Funscape.

And the winner is…. Ben, Kaytee & Joshua.

The next award is the Teacher of The Year Award.  The sponsor for this award is Top of the Class Tutoring.

And the Winner is…. Allison Crook.

Up now is the Child of the Year Award. The sponsors of this award are Bibbledy Bob.

The competition was just too tough for this category and so there are two winners… Amelia Eldred and Lacy Mae-Hale.

The next award is Business in the community which has been sponsored by Expand Digital.

And the Winner is…. Oceans of Tamworth.

And now for the final award which is nominated by the public, this award is Shining Star award which is sponsored and presented by Tamworth Ladies Circle.

And the Winner is…. Millie Bowker



The audience is now seeing videos as they cast there own votes for the overall Spirit of Tamworth award winner.



And the winner of the Spirit of Tamworth Award is… Amelia Eldred!!!

Well done to everyone who was a finalist at tonight’s awards – you are all inspirational. The finalists this year for each category were:

Child of The Year

  • Amelia Eldred
  • Lacey Mae Hale

Spirit of Youth

  • Damian Bates
  • Megan Mcnab
  • Will Hopkins
  • Ben, Kaytee & Joshua Welch

Charity Fundraiser

  • Drew Loveday
  • Sue Mccarthy
  • Santas Little Helpers
  • Damian Bate
  • Green Turtles Swimming Club

Carer of The Year

  • Ann Brown
  • Carol Griffiths
  • Dylan & Trey Buchanan

Coach / Instructor of the Year

  • Michelle Darlaston
  • John Gravenall
  • Josh Allsop

Volunteer of The Year

  • Susan Hollis
  • Simon Gilliver
  • Sheila & Sid Scott
  • Darren Bates

Community Group Of The Year

  • Simons Heroes
  • Lions Club
  • Tamworth Civic Society
  • Together 4 Tamworth

Sports Team / Person of The Year

  • Lizzie Edden
  • Monty Orton
  • TRUFC Girls
  • Tamworth Boxing Girls – Georgia Keast, Georgie Belt, Patrycja Gnatowska

Dance / Drama Group of The Year

  • Just Perform
  • Stage It
  • T.A.C.T

999 Award

  • Kelly Davis
  • David Chiles
  • Tame Community First Responders

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Christine Harris
  • Keith Dawson
  • Dave Benton

Teacher of The Year

  • Miss Crook
  • Louise Meakin
  • Eve Bryan, Kerry Davies and Nikki James

Business In The Community

  • Oceans Of Tamworth
  • SL Flooring
  • Fallen From Grace
  • Tamworth COOP

In addition to the individual categories, there will also be a ‘Shining Star’ award, where a winner will be picked from all the nominations.

This award is Sponsored by Tamworth Ladies Circle who is a member of the Round Table family and heavily support the awards. Tamworth Informed is one of the sponsors of the event this year and we are so happy to be involved.  We feel that these awards really encapsulate what we are about, celebrating the good about Tamworth as much as we can, whilst balancing the need to bring you factual news.

Other main sponsors are Drayton Manor, Namco Funscape, Clean Cut Catering and Expand Digital.  There is also a sponsor for each of the awards and we will be bringing you more information about each of these in the coming weeks, along with their individual videos below.