Sexual health in Tamworth under the spotlight

Tuesday, 25th February 2014

Sexual health services in Tamworth are set to be discussed at a Tamworth Borough Council’s meeting this week.

The Healthier and Safer Scrutiny Committee will be focusing on what services are available for teenagers with worries about their sexual health or seeking help and advice. Concerns were first raised about this issue when it emerged that the sexual health clinic in Glascote only opens one morning a week. This has now been extended to a full review of sexual health services across Tamworth. Sexual health is a priority issue for the Staffordshire Health and Well Being Board and is also a key strand of the new Healthy Tamworth project. Healthy Tamworth is an initiative which aims to improve the health and well being of Tamworth residents. The project is about taking a positive approach which is sustainable over a prolonged period of time. The committee will hear from Staffordshire County Council and the NHS South East Staffordshire and Seisdon Peninsula Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). CCGs were set up last year and replaced Primary Care Trusts. This now means county council and borough councils have more responsibility for the health agenda. Both organisations will give councillors more information about sexual health services, what is available to teenagers and plans for the future.

Councillor Andrew James, chairman of the Healthier and Safer Committee

Cllr Andrew James (cons), chairman of the Healthier and Safety Committee

Councillor Andrew James, chairman of the Healthier and Safer Committee, said: “We were concerned when we found out the sexual health clinic in Glascote offered such limited access to teenagers and we wanted to find out more details of available services. “We have now extended this review to look at services for young people across Tamworth. It is vital that teenagers can access these services close to home to ensure they have access to help, advice and education. I am looking forward to hearing what services are currently on offer and future plans to extend services.”

Areas covered at the meeting will include: how sexual health services are commissioned locally, what is available, multi-agency centres which give help and advice in schools, which organisations provide the services and also to discuss the sexual health strategy for Tamworth which is currently underway.