Second Aldi Store to be bigger than first

Monday, 24th March 2014

Plans were unveiled for the new Aldi store to local residents yesterday at a road show event at Glascote Working Mens Club.

Plans were revealed yesterday at the proposed site for Tamworth’s second Aldi store, the discount supermarket chain whose UK headquarters are just down the road in Atherstone.

Amongst the plans it was clear that the store the chain propose to build on the Glascote Road site is actually BIGGER than their existing store on Saxon Drive and not in fact a ‘local’ store as mentioned to local press originally.

From the moment plans were revealed it was doubtful that the proposed new store would actually be a ‘local store’.

Speaking to an ‘insider’ at Aldi, Tamworth Informed confirmed that Aldi, as a company only currently build to two specific store plans, none of these are ‘local’ stores.  This is a market which the supermarket chain does not want to expand in to as this does not fit their business model.

As yet, no formal planning application has been made to Tamworth Borough Council for the development within the Bolehall ward.  Aldi has however confirmed that it had already had extensive talks with the Borough Council and the Highways Agency.  They have said that they now planned to submit a planning application within three weeks.

What do you think about the proposals for the new store?  Will it affect you?  Will you use it?  Get in touch;