Search for Tamworth Christmas Pig

Wednesday, 25th November 2020

  • They are looking for a Tamworth Boar from a Tamworth Farm
  • The boar is to be ‘husband’ to Gwen and Mary

A POPULAR YouTube farm is looking for a Tamworth Boar to buy for a starring role in their upcoming Christmas Special video episode.

Since starting out on social media, the farm has grown in popularity, with their videos watched over 1,000,000 times by viewers all around the world.

They feature Sarah and her son Rufus and explore their small family farm in Buckinghamshire.

So why the boar?

Rufus who makes the videos has made it customary every Christmas to surprise his mum Sarah with a Christmas present and produce a Christmas special episode to accompany it.

This year, a boar is what’s on her Christmas list:

“A husband for my two girls Gwen and Mary”, going on to say “I want a Tamworth boar”.

Rufus who works in digital marketing doesn’t know many pig farmers so he’s asking our readers for help:

“for anything farm-related, I ask mum. I’m a bit stuck given I want to keep this one a surprise from her. I’m looking for help.”

Can you help in finding a suitable husband for Gwen and Mary this Christmas?

If you know a pig farmer in Tamworth that has a boar for sale then please get in touch with the farm. You can reach them via email through or you can contact Rufus directly on twitter as @rufusdenne.

“Ideally we’d love to buy a Tamworth board, from a Tamworth farm… and learn a little from the farmer about their farm and how he’s been raised to this point.”

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