Smyths Toys back-track and apologise over Santa incident

Thursday, 20th December 2018

SMYTHS Toys has this afternoon issued a statement, agreeing that there was a ‘misunderstanding’ in their Tamworth branch on Monday night (17 December)

We reported on Tuesday that Santa was thrown out of the toy superstore whilst purchasing gifts for local children after arranging to meet three families at the store on Monday night so that they could choose gifts for Christmas. Yesterday (Wednesday), we published a response from Smyths Toys where they said that ‘Santa had been taking photographs and giving out sweets in the store.

In the statement issued by Smyths Toys today, they say that there was a misunderstanding.

Further to this, they say that nobody involved used any inappropriate language and that neither My Bowker or the Photographer with him, took photographs in the store or gave out sweets.

The statement issued today by Smyths Toys.
The statement issued today by Smyths Toys.

Although the word ‘sorry’ does not appear in the statement from Smyths Toys, we have been assured that they have apologised personally to both Rob Bowker and the Photographer involved.

On seeing today’s statement from Smyths Toys, our readers have spoken of their annoyance about the whole incident.

Rob Bowker has this afternoon posted a new video to Facebook, thanking the public for their support and stating that this matter has now been resolved.

He said that he had no option but to stand his ground due to the allegations made.

In the video, Mr Bowker also states that Smyths Toys have also stated that they are going to donate £1000 to Birmingham Children’s Hospital on behalf of themselves and Santa’s Little Helpers.

In the original statement issued to Tamworth Informed, a representative from Smyths Toys said:

Please find an explanation of the incident from our duty manager in the store below:

“Last night a gentleman dressed as Santa pulled up to the store and entered the store. He did not say who he was or what he was doing.

He began to give out sweets and take pictures with children in the store. We advised him that he couldn’t do this on the premises as we need to get disclaimers signed and also that he had not previously mentioned to us that he would be doing this.

We advised him that he was able to take photos etc.. outside but not in the store. He then got a little irate with us and swore at us. He then mentioned that he was buying gifts for charity which we said we would lend them a hand but was told that they were okay and didn’t want any assistance.

We are not against helping local charities out as we have previously helped out local schools and even Aston Villa FC with toys for pupils and for children in Hospital.”