“It is a downright lie, I am heart broken” -Response to Smyths Toys

Wednesday, 19th December 2018

TAMWORTH’S much loved charity fundraiser and personality has spoken out in response to a statement from Smyths Toys this afternoon, which accused him of swearing.

We reported on Tuesday that Santa was thrown out of the toy superstore whilst purchasing gifts for local children after arranging to meet three families at the store on Monday night so that they could choose gifts for Christmas. Earlier today, we published a response from Smyths Toys.

In a statement issued to Tamworth Informed, a representative from Smyths Toys said:

Please find an explanation of the incident from our duty manager in the store below:

“Last night a gentleman dressed as Santa pulled up to the store and entered the store. He did not say who he was or what he was doing.

He began to give out sweets and take pictures with children in the store. We advised him that he couldn’t do this on the premises as we need to get disclaimers signed and also that he had not previously mentioned to us that he would be doing this.

We advised him that he was able to take photos etc.. outside but not in the store. He then got a little irate with us and swore at us. He then mentioned that he was buying gifts for charity which we said we would lend them a hand but was told that they were okay and didn’t want any assistance.

We are not against helping local charities out as we have previously helped out local schools and even Aston Villa FC with toys for pupils and for children in Hospital.”

Rob Bowker, who was the Santa in question has this evening took to Facebook to speak out at the accusations of Smyths Toys.

In a passionate video, he said that Smyths toys are lying.  Rob said: “It is an utter lie, no one took photographs of children.”

“Nobody took any photographs, nobody handed out any sweets and nobody swore – that is an absolute lie…I challenge Smyths Toys to show any video whatsoever that shows me on Monday evening, giving any children sweets whilst dressed as Santa, swearing or taking any photographs.”

In reply to the response from Smyths Toys, supporters of ‘Santa’s Little Helpers’ have also taken to Facebook to air their frustration.

In the video, which can be seen below,  Mr Bowker is seen to be visibly upset by the accusations of Smyths. He says that he is happy to speak to any representative of Smyths on camera and even that he would be prepared to take a lie detector test.