You can now speak to Santa LIVE from your home!

Thursday, 19th November 2020

THIS year is the year where many of us have gone ‘virtual’ more than ever, and this includes Santa!

Meeting Father Christmas in his grotto is one of the most magical experiences of the festive period. But, Santa doesn’t want this naughty virus to mean that he misses out on his pre-Christmas day chat with you all!

Due to COVID restrictions, even the big man in red has changed things up a little this year.  He still wants to ensure he speaks to as many boys and girls as possible before the big day and so he is going online!

As it’s online, there will be no queuing and no going out in the cold. Simply a call from Santa LIVE from his grotto!

There is no pre-recorded message in an app here, this is completely live and personalised call, lasting around 10 minutes.

Not being the most technical-minded (he still relies on reindeer power for his sleigh), he has turned to a local company, Flamingo Events, to sort out the technical side for him!

Santa is no stranger to Flamingo Events, he has entrusted them to help him out in the Midlands for a number of years as his trusted partner.

Santa wearing his Flamingo Slippers

Santa having a rest and wearing his Flamingo Events slippers!

Children, if you are reading this, STOP now or you will go on the naughty list!



Have the kids gone? Good – keep reading!

Thanks to this new service, children (and you) will be able to see and speak to Santa without leaving the comfort of your home, all for just £12!

The 10-minute slots are available from 10 am until 7 pm daily, allowing the whole family to be involved as you can all simply gather around the screen.

To book a slot go to their Facebook page Santasgrottoliveathome or go to

There’s no two-minute visit to a second-rate Santa here. After introducing himself, the big man will find out all about the children and what they want for Christmas.

Through questions completed beforehand with the grown-ups, Santa will be able to reward the children for their achievements this year. He can check if they are on the good or naughty list and help parents achieve any life goals going forward. You can even include your own magical gift ‘from Santa’.

Santa will meet most children via Zoom in the comfort of their home. Services like Skype Facebook and Whatsapp can also be used, whatever is easier for you. The key point is the children don’t have to leave home.

This service is being organised by the amazing Flamingo Events.

Santa in his grotto

The calls will be with Santa, LIVE from his Grotto.

Who are Flamingo Events?

Flamingo Events are a local family run business that provides event solutions to the retail and corporate sectors.

COVID-19 has decimated their business this year and this is why Tamworth Informed wants to help them out.

They are determined to continue providing a magical Santa experience to the boys and girls. And fear not, they are very experienced. They have run grottos over the years in places like Ikea, Ankerside and Perry Barr shopping centre.