Kingsbury man who caused victim’s fatal brain injury found guilty of manslaughter

Wednesday, 7th November 2018

A KINGSBURY man has been found guilty of manslaughter after his victim later died of brain injuries following a confrontation in Tamworth.

Samuel Kelly, aged 25, was convicted following a trial at Wolverhampton Crown Court and was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment.

The court heard that Kelly, of Coventry Road, Kingsbury, had been involved in a confrontation with Liam Roche at McDonald’s in Ventura Park, Tamworth, just before midnight on 22 January this year.

Kelly was described as behaving badly, shouting and drawing attention to himself, at the restaurant. Several witnesses said he was drunk and a friend asked him to calm down.

Kelly became abusive to others in the restaurant and was described as being ‘drunk and angry with everyone’ by another witness.

Samuel Kelly

Samuel Kelly

Mr Roche intervened and told Kelly ‘don’t start on the young one’ referring to another youth present. Kelly then punched Roche to the head. Roche said the punch hurt, but witnesses said he seemed unaffected by it.

On returning home Mr Roche’s mother called an ambulance after her son’s condition deteriorated. He was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham where his condition was described as critical. Mr Roche had an operation to reduce the pressure on his brain but died on 3 February.

Kelly said he had been taunted by a group of lads and had been upset by a comment about his father who had died when Kelly was twelve.

Detective Inspector Alan Lyford, of Staffordshire Police, said: “This was a tragic case and we extend our condolences to Liam’s family.

“We’re grateful to the witnesses who helped us to bring the facts before the court. Perhaps this case serves as a reminder of the tragic and unforeseen consequences that can follow drunken and violent behaviour.”

Kelly was sentenced on Monday 5 November.