Respect: It’s a two way street

Wednesday, 13th August 2014

As part of a Staffordshire Police summer campaign ‘Respect: It’s a two way street’, police are appealing for people to be considerate and tolerant to each other.

A force-wide summer anti-social behaviour campaign is underway in Staffordshire promoting the importance of all generations showing consideration and tolerance to each other.

Staffordshire Police Crest‘Respect: It’s a two way street’, is asking people to think about how their actions affect others. Anti-social behaviour can be caused by people of all ages and from different backgrounds, it’s not confined to young people.

Chief Superintendent Jon Drake said: “Anti-social behaviour can mean different things to different people, but basically it is any kind of repeated behaviour that affects your quality of life. We never underestimate the impact ASB can have on an individual or community and we’re committed to continually working with our partners and giving the best service possible to our communities.”

As part of the campaign Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and officers will engage with young people, asking them their concerns and explaining how rowdy and inconsiderate behaviour can badly affect others, particularly the elderly.

Ch Supt Drake continued: “Some people raise concerns that they feel intimidated if they see a group of young people congregating in an area but they may not be doing anything anti-socially, just meeting up with friends.

“Those whose behaviour is anti-social will be dealt with accordingly. Officers and PCSOs will also continue to patrol hotspot areas engaging with young people and dealing with any problems.”

Some of the hot tips include:

  • Being near water on a hot sunny day can be tempting for some to take a quick dip to cool off, but there are many dangers of swimming in rivers, canals or ponds particularly in remote areas or quarries.
  • Wearing a helmet when riding a bike and not using a mobile phone crossing the road will cut the risk of a being involved in a crash and injured.

“We would ask parents to discuss these issues with their children to keep them safe.”  added Ch Supt Drake.