Book and Beer released to celebrate 50th Anniversary of iconic car built in Tamworth

Monday, 22nd October 2018

THURSDAY, October 18, was the 50th Anniversary of the Reliant Scimitar GTE being unveiled to the public at the London Motor Show.

Built in Tamworth by The Reliant Motor Company, the GTE was ground breaking; it was the world’s first sporting estate and indeed the first car to have a rising waste line towards the back.

Since its launch the GTE has been emulated by pretty much every major car manufacturer over the years.

To commemorate the event, local Reliant enthusiast, Elvis Payne, has released a new book entitled ‘The Reliant Scimitar’.  The book is a complete history of Reliant sportscars from the Sabra (designed for the Israeli market) in 1961 right through to a proposed new Scimitar for 2001.

The book is a follow up to his previous book called, ‘The Reliant Motor Company’ which is a complete history of Reliant.

George and Elvis with a pint of Scimitar.

George and Elvis with a pint of Scimitar.

Elvis told Tamworth Informed: “I have been most honoured in that both books have a foreword written by HRH The Princess Royal and for those who are wondering, the Princess owned 8 Scimitars over the years and she still owns one to this day.

“I am also the Chairman and Club Historian for the Reliant Motor Club and after speaking to George Greenaway at Tamworth Brewing Co, George had the idea of creating a Reliant named beer.”

The 50th Anniversary of the Scimitar GTE seems a perfect opportunity for a commemorative beer and so George  has created a new ‘Scimitar’ beer which was launched at the Tamworth Tap on 18 October.

George describes the Scimitar beer, which is 4.5%, as a traditional bitter that uses English hops and has a malty after taste.  Elvis has simply described it as a really nice pint!

Having only opened this year, Tamworth Brewing Co, who are based on Market Street, have had an amazing success and won a number of awards.  Given their superb inhouse beers and hospitalit, it isn’t hard to see why.

The book can be purchased direct from Crecy Publishing or via major on-line book stores.