Relaxed Atmosphere, Rustic Furniture and Really Good Coffee!

Friday, 11th January 2019

AFTER seeing lots of amazing Instagram and Facebook posts from this Coffee House, we decided to pay an unannounced (and anonymous) visit this morning to see if it lived up to the snaps!

First of all, I will point out that this is not a sponsored post and we paid our bill… we visited the venue completely randomly, and as far as we know, we paid and left without them knowing who we were, we just wanted to let you know what we thought!

As you approach from the outside, you get a feel for what you can expect inside the coffee house.  The exterior is bare brick and there are large windows inviting you inside, even more so on a gloomy morning when the warm glow inside looks so welcoming.

When you walk in, there is a real rustic feel to the place – I must point out, I am using the term rustic, but I don’t mean in any way grubby!  The furniture is chunky wood with exposed metal work, there is ivy dangling from light fittings with ‘naked’ bulbs and the brickwork is bare in places.

The 'Aga' in the corner of the coffee house.

The ‘Aga’ in the corner of the coffee house.

There is also what I believe to be a 1920’s Aga in the corner, but I may be completely wrong with this and am willing to be corrected – whatever it is, I love it, it really adds to the feel of the place!

The incredible artwork which adorns the walls is also something that adds another depth to the feel as you sit there and take in the atmosphere.

I haven’t mentioned the music yet, relaxing and inkeeping music was playing and there was a low level of conversation wafting through from the incorporated ‘Something fo the Weekend’ barbers.  I can’t really explain this, it was just really relaxing.

Some of the artwork on the partly exposed walls.

Some of the artwork on the partly exposed walls.

Anyway, let us get on to the food and drink, after all, that is what you came here for right?

I decided to order a stack of pancakes with maple syrup, accompanied by an Americano coffee. The service was really good, was greeted instantly at the counter by a friendly guy who took my order and provided me with cutlery. Even the cutlery was provided in a metal ‘can’, really in keeping with feel.

I sat down on a raised wooden table with bar stools so what I could get a good look around, quickly my coffee arrived in an in keeping cup and saucer, with the milk in a small metal jug. They serve 200 Degrees coffee, something which to my knowledge, I have not had before.  It was really nice, arrived with a nice crema and there was a great aroma.  There was a nice ‘bite’ to the coffee but at the same time it was smooth and there was a pleasant aftertaste – it didn’t leave an unpleasant bitter taste like some coffees.

According to the 200 Degrees coffee website, they work with a number of specialist coffee importers which allows them access to amazing beans from all over the world.

My coffee, in keeping in a rustic style cup and saucer and cutlery in metal tin.

My coffee, in keeping in a rustic style cup and saucer and cutlery in the metal tin.

I did not have to wait long at all for my stack on pancakes to follow and they were worth the wait!

A stack of (I believe) 6 pancakes arrive, I didn’t actually count them, they looked inviting and I wanted to get stuck in!

They were fluffy and really tasty!  These are not little flat, dense pancakes like you might get in the likes of McDonald’s, they are light and fluffy – and the maple syrup was really tasty… again, unlike the over-sugary glue-like syrup in McDonald’s!

My pancakes with maple syrup.

My pancakes with maple syrup.

In total, my bill came to £6.00 which I thought was a fair price.  I also picked up a loyalty card for coffee which was stamped, collect the stamps and get a free drink!

Thoroughly recommend this place and I have only one regret, not spending longer in there so I could sample what looks like an amazing lunchtime menu, including some very tempting salads and soups.

The menu boards

The menu boards

Support this local business and help them thrive! I will definitely be back!

If you own or manage a venue and want us to pay an unannounced, anonymous visit then please get in touch with us at  

No.18 Coffee House can be found at 18 Lichfield Street, Tamworth. As a pointer the small car park on Lichfield Street allows 1 hour free parking.