Racist and homophobic views have no place in Tamworth – says local Election Candidate

Thursday, 1st May 2014

A candidate standing opposite UKIP’s Robert Bilcliff has spoken out of his disgust over recent alleged racist and homophobic comments.

Manjinder Singh Kang, a local Labour Candidate for the Tamworth Borough election, has spoken out, following his UKIP opponent being accused of posting racist and homophobic comments on social media.

Robert Bilcliff, UKIP candidate for the Castle ward in Tamworth, was the subject of a MailOnline article on Sunday 27 April which reported that he had Tweeted, on the day gay marriage was made legal, “sad day for us straight people”. Prior to that it was reported, “a separate Facebook post in July 2012 allegedly made a joke against Muslims.”

Tamworth informed UKIP racist / homophobic

A snapshot from the publicly open, UKIP linked Twitter account of Robert Bilcliff

Manjinder Singh Kang, a trainee solicitor and the Labour Candidate for Castle ward, said “I have lived in Tamworth all my life, and there is certainly no place for homophobic and racist attitudes in our town”.

He added, “I am appalled that this is yet another UKIP candidate who has allegedly come out with these types of extreme views. We have to ask ourselves what many in Nigel Farage’s Party really stand for”.