Pub makes decision to bar under fives

July 7, 2015

A POPULAR local pub has announced today that it has taken the decision to ban those under five at all times.

The Waterfront, at Barton Marina which until now has been a popular location for families, has announced via its Facebook page today that children under the age of five will no longer be welcome at the venue.

In an announcement they said:

“For the avoidance of doubt, the Waterfront no longer allows children under the age of five years on the premises. After 7pm, children over fourteen years of age are welcome to dine if accompanied by an adult.

“This has been a very difficult decision for the Waterfront to make. We have had significant issues with parents who have refused to move high chairs, prams and pushchairs that are blocking fire exits, and indeed been aggressive towards our staff. High chairs will still be available for weddings and private parties in our function room.

“The Waterfront does not provide any specific amenities for children, and with the close proximity of the marina the pub’s policy has always been to encourage an adult environment.”

The announcement has attracted large number of negative replies on their Facebook page from people saying they will be withdrawing their custom from the location and also a number of negative reviews.

Rob Pickering said: “According to your website The Waterfront ‘is perfect for every occasion’; clearly not perfect if you have children! To avoid any doubt, please make your policy quite clear on your website on the ‘Welcome’ page.”

The point Rob makes about The Waterfront making it clear on their website is something we have to agree with; looking at their site following the news we struggled to read the very small announcement at the bottom of the page. Can you see it?

The not-so-clear announcement on the site.

The not-so-clear announcement on the site.

Another Facebook user, Sandra Orton simply said: “Very narrow minded and I am sure that valuable trade would be lost.”

What do you think of the decision that has been taken?