Proposed changes to the Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Sunday, 26th July 2015

TAMWORTH Borough Council will decide on an amendment to its Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme, to take effect from April 1st 2016.

If supported, this amendment would see child maintenance payments being disregarded as income when calculating a working age claimant’s Council Tax Reduction entitlement. It is seen as a positive step towards encouraging parents to find work or stay in work.

Tamworth Borough Council has now launched a consultation, asking for people’s views on this proposed change.  It is also taking this opportunity to gauge opinion on the rest of the scheme which has been in operation since April 1st 2013.

Tamworth Borough Council Deputy Leader, Cllr Rob Pritchard, said: “We are considering this amendment and want to know what local people think. Council Tax Benefit is funded by the council tax payer, so we want to seek the public’s view on this proposal.

“We believe that the rest of our Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme supports the most vulnerable people in Tamworth and balances the cost to the local tax payer.”

Consultation questionnaires are available on the Tamworth Borough Council website at

The consultation will run from July 31st to September 25th. At the end of the consultation, all responses will be considered by the Cabinet and full Council will finalise the Local Council Tax Reduction scheme from April 1st 2016.