Private meeting over sale of Golf Course site

Wednesday, 26th November 2014

DISCUSSIONS are set to take place on how Tamworth Borough Council could dispose of the former golf course site at the next Cabinet meeting, set to be held on Thursday November 27th.

Tamworh Council say that there is a need for the report to be held in private, due to commercial sensitivities contained within the report.

This is the first time any agenda item regarding the golf course has been confidential. This is to ensure potential purchasers do not have an unfair advantage once the land is for sale.

In addition, elements of which parts of the site will be for sale – along with the Section 106 Agreements – are still in draft and subject to change.

Full details of the documents will be released at the earliest opportunities to potential purchasers and the public once the information is no longer considered commercially sensitive. This is likely to be early next year when the final details regarding the site have been released to the market place.

The purpose of this week’s Cabinet report is to set out the methods of how the land could be disposed of. Councillors will also be discussing what could be included in the Section 106 Agreement at the point of sale. These agreements are financial contributions to areas such as education, highways, open space and providing health, to name just a few.

A planning application for outline permission is likely to be submitted later this year. This will include changes made to the masterplan following last month’s consultation.

Recommendations being put to Tamworth Borough Council’s Cabinet include:

  • Money from the sale of the land to be either be held for future regeneration or invest to save projects
  • Using the Home and Communities Agency framework to appoint specialist sales and marketing agents
  • Key head of terms – these include which part of the site is for sale, what conditions will be imposed and what land will be retained within the council’s ownership
  • The Leader of the Council, Cabinet member and key senior council officers to approve final sale documentation.