Police warn of recent ‘Crash for Cash’ incidents

Monday, 3rd April 2017

POLICE in Tamworth have used SmartAlert to send out a warning to residents regarding potential ‘Crash for Cash’ instances in the Borough.

Over recent weeks there has been a number of reports where potential ‘Crash for cash’ incidents have been reported to the police.

What is a Crash for Cash scam?

  • The Frame – the car in front slams on its brakes for no obvious reason giving the victim no time to prevent a collision.
  • The Blame – they insist that it’s the victim’s fault and give them their name and address and the details of their insurance company, sometimes already written down on a piece of paper.
  • The Claim – A few weeks later (though sometimes longer) the victim will receive a letter from their insurance company notifying them of a grossly exaggerated claim including the costs of a recovery vehicle, car hire and whiplash injuries to passengers, none of which actually happened.

Crimestoppers say that as part of a national scam worth roughly £400m a year, criminals are orchestrating accidents to make fraudulent insurance claims, the profits of which are used to fund other crimes, including illegal firearms and drug smuggling.

PCSO John Horton has said: “Over the past couple of weeks we have received a number reports of potential ‘Crash for cash’ scams whereby a vehicle with two or more people will inexplicably slam their breaks on so the vehicle behind crashes into them. Our reports have been based along the Glascote Road/B5000.

“It can be difficult to prove intent around ‘Crash for cash’ and as such we would advise residents to drive to the speed limit and keep a safe distance from the car infront.

“Please call 101 to report any instances of vehicles driving repeatedly up and down the same road, altering speed and inexplicably applying breaks. Vehicle makes, models and registration numbers will help us identify any possible offenders.”

Anyone with information can contact Cheatline anonymously on 0800 422 0421 or use their dedicated anonymous online form. Crimestoppers cannot accept Information about crash for cash scams. The Cheatline telephone number and anonymous online form have been set up to take this information anonymously.